Event Date/Time: Jul 19, 2007
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How it works

What makes Ei different?
Unlike any other event in Asia, the Ei Program is entirely focused to the executive's needs without dilution or distraction:

Ei is not a Trade Show
We do not sell expensive packages to solution provider companies with the promise of taking up your valuable time. The absence of salespeople allows for a relaxed, transparent environment in which executives can truly share knowledge and experiences.

Peer-to-Peer Meetings
To assist you in sourcing relevant executives that you can knowledge share and brainstorm with. Ei catalogues all attending executives, highlighting each individual's challenges and successes, from which you may choose, in advance, who you would like to meet.

Integrated Management & Leadership program
Modern Executives are under increasing pressure to generate results through clear thinking and people skills. Asia's demand for talent is dramatically greater than the regions human resource pool, so keeping talent weighs heavily on modern management and leadership skills.

Ei presents a number of facilitated workshops such as, Dilemma Management, Strategic Communications, Negotiating and Managing Critical Relationships (Go to Ei Calendar and view specific programme for further information).

Focused Speakers and Conference
We recognise that senior executives do not wish to sit through hours of presentations from which a small percentage of information is helpful and specific to an individuals challenges.

At an Ei program, only accomplished keynote speakers address topical issues while spending time with the delegates by offering post presentation round table sessions and up-to-date case studies; ensuring a truly beneficial personal experience.

Networking and Relationship Building
A handshake and drink at the bar is not necessarily going to evolve into a powerful and mutually beneficial business relationship.

Ei is specifically designed to maximise the sharing of experience and while onsite, build meaningful, long-term business relationships. Aside from the focused peer-to-peer meetings,
there are a number of organised activities such as golf and a fun casino after the gala dinner.

The meals (2 lunches & the gala dinner) are also round tabled by industry or region so executives can discuss overcoming shared challenges.

Post Event
For Ei Members, information sharing, personal leadership coaching and future presentations are all accessible from the executive's office anywhere in Asia.