Ist World Aqua Congress (WAC-2007)

Venue: Indian Habitat Centre

Location: New Delhi, India

Event Date/Time: Jul 22, 2007
Abstract Submission Date: Sep 15, 2007
Paper Submission Date: Oct 30, 2007
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Water is the most basic necessity of life, and one of the most abundant and renewable resources on earth. Yet, at least 43 countries face immediate severe water strain due to lack of freshwater resources or overuse of existing resources. About 1.2 billion People lack access to safe water which leads to the death of around 2.2 million people each year, most of them children. In water scarce regions, over 600 million small-scale rural farmers lack sufficient water for their subsistence and livelihoods. The importance of scientific management of this vital resource in both rural and urban areas is becoming clear with each passing day. Water wars, predicted long time back, have become a reality in some areas with people losing their lives for their share of water

Issues related to sustainable water management need to be understood, debated and addressed at regional and global levels. India, with its huge population, and more importantly due to high density of its population, needs to act fast and take urgent steps for management and sustainable use of water resources. As a fist step, identification of challenges, the status of technologies available world-wide and solutions to high problems currently being faced by society need to be deliberated upon.

Ist World Aqua Congress will provide a common platform to decision makers, policy and law makers, users, technology providers, service providers and stake holders. The congress will initiate a process of ensuring best possible management of this scarce resource.

Themes and topics

Sustainable Water Management
Challenges, Technologies, Solutions

Water Resources: Availability, Management, Quality

Status of Water Resources
Water Exploration & Management- Latest Trends in Surface & Ground water
Water Quality Management
Additional Resource Creation (such as Rain Water Harvesting, Recycling etc.)

Challenges for Sustainable Water Management

Water Quantity- Gaps in Demand & Supply in Various Sectors
Water Quality Criteria for various Uses-Present Status
Water Leakages, Wastages, Poor Water Management
Population Growth, Urbanization, Economic and Industrial Development
Global Climate Changes & Impact on Water Resource Management

Water Technologies

Water/ Wastewater Treatment
Water Reuse & Recycling
Water Quality Management
Drinking Water: Purification, Bottling, Supply
Salinity Management
Latest Technologies in Water Exploration and Management
Software for Water
Rainwater Harvesting
Ground Water Management & Modeling
Technologies for Irrigation and Agriculture
Water Leakage Technologies
Utilities and Utility management

Institutional, Legal & Policy Issues

Water Policy and Water Usage reform
Water Rights, Pricing & Laws
Government's Role in Water Management
Water Access as a Fundamental Right
Municipalities and Sustainable Water Management
at Local Level

Water Solutions

Water Reuse, Conservation & Management
Education and Public Awareness
Water Resources Development & Capacity Building.