Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge (CPAK 2007)

Venue: University of California, San Diego

Location: La Jolla, California, United States

Event Date/Time: Oct 06, 2007 End Date/Time: Oct 07, 2007
Registration Date: Oct 05, 2007
Early Registration Date: Aug 15, 2007
Abstract Submission Date: May 01, 2007
Paper Submission Date: Jul 01, 2007
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Authors and Scientists to Meet - Rewrite History

LOS ANGELES, Ca. July 24, 2007 / Press Release / -- History is history, right? Not so, according to the researchers and scientists that will be gathering at the University of San Diego in La Jolla California this fall. The 4th annual "Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge" (CPAK) is the largest meeting of "alternative historians" in the world and one that is sure to raise questions about our past. Many of the authors, researchers and scientists scheduled to present have or hold unusual theories about history, such as the belief that history may be cyclical with alternating Dark and Golden Ages, a cycle Plato called: The Great Year.

Presenters this year include Dr. Robert Schoch, the Boston University Geologist famed for re-dating the Sphinx (likely much older than heretofore believed), Graham Hancock, Explorer and Author of Fingerprints of the Gods, and other books that suggest our ancient ancestors were more intelligent than most anthropologists infer, John Anthony West, Rebel Egyptologist who suspects ancient Egypt might have its roots in an earlier culture (possibly Atlantis), Walter Cruttenden, an Archeo-astronomer that suggests the motion of the solar system through space might play a role in the rise and fall of civilization. These are just a few of the provocative scientists, authors and independent investigators presenting at the 4th annual Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge, an event that is sure to get you thinking.

According to Geoff Patino, a UCSD alumni and one of the conference organizers, the mission of CPAK 2007 is to “investigate the myth, folklore, archaeology and astronomy of ancient cultures with the goal of better understanding our true history.” Patino stated, “Research shows many ancient societies lived close to nature and had a deep understanding of geometry and astronomy and a reverence for the heavens. New evidence indicates that celestially aligned megalithic structures may have a profound purpose. We should try to understand all we can about these cultures and stop denigrating them as primitive societies. We might learn something important to civilization today.”

In addition to the private roundtables and academic meetings, the Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge offers two days of presentations to the general public. They will take place at Peterson Hall on the UCSD campus this October 6-7. Tickets and additional information are available at, or call Jami Brucher at 949-399-0306.


Peterson Hall
La Jolla
United States