A joint EMBL/Agilent Technologies Practical Course on MicroRNA profiling using in situ synthesised  (Agilent)

Venue: EMBL, Heidelberg

Location: 69117 Heidelberg, Germany

Event Date/Time: Oct 02, 2007 End Date/Time: Oct 05, 2007
Registration Date: Sep 02, 2007
Early Registration Date: Sep 01, 2007
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miRNA Profiling
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are an abundant class of small single-stranded non-coding RNAs (19-30 nucleotides long) that serve widespread functions in post-transcriptional gene silencing. Recently, research has demonstrated that miRNAs are crucial regulators of gene expression, affecting a wide variety of cellular functions including development, proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis.

In this course we will go through all steps of a microarray-based miRNA profiling experiment, starting from RNA QC using the Agilent Bioanalyzer through the labelling, hybridisation and scanning up to data analysis using GeneSpring GX. Each participant will be able to run two microarrays.

Hands-on sessions
- RNA QC with Agilent Bioanalyzer and Nanodrop
- miRNA labelling and purification
- Hybridisation of labelled miRNA
- Washing and scanning
- Data extraction and quality assessment
- Data analysis

- Introduction and theoretical background on Agilent microarray plattform
- Quality control of total RNA using the Bioanalyzer
- Data generation and data extraction with Feature Extraction software
- Data analysis with GeneSpring GX


Additional Information

Scientific Organisers: Vladimir Benes, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany Ruth Finnch, Agilent Technologies, Waldbronn, Germany Henner Friedle, Agilent Technologies, Waldbronn, Germany