CME on DVD–Emergency Medicine: Practicing According to the Evidence

Venue: Your Choice - HOME, COMMUTE or TRAVEL CME™

Location: Sarasota, Florida, United States

Event Date/Time: Apr 01, 2008 End Date/Time: Apr 30, 2008
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SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: TOPIC 1 - AS THE WORLD TURNS: PERIPHERAL VERTIGO IN THE ED - Review the common causes of peripheral vertigo. Appreciate the pathophysiology of benign positional vertigo. Discuss how to perform various diagnostic tests in the evaluation of patients with peripheral vertigo. Discover how to perform various therapeutic maneuvers, such as the Epley maneuver, in the treatment of patients with benign positional vertigo. TOPIC 2 - BRAIN ATTACK!! ACUTE TREATMENT OF STROKE AND TIA - Appropriately use imaging studies of the brain and cerebral vessels in the setting of acute cerebrovascular disease. Explain how management of blood pressure, fever, blood sugar and airway can improve the prognosis of their stroke patients. Appreciate that in stroke, time is brain and discover what immediate interventions, including thrombolytics, are necessary in their stroke patients. Better manage and triage patients with intracerebral hemorrhage. TOPIC 3 - PEDIATRIC STATUS EPILEPTICUS AND FEBRILE SEIZURES - Explain the management of Status Epilepticus in the pediatric patient. Define appropriate laboratory and imaging studies in the acute care setting. List the typical features of a simple and complex febrile seizure. TOPIC 4 - ABDOMINAL PAIN CASE STUDIES - Outline an evidence-based approach to evaluation of the ED patient with abdominal pain. Identify common pitfalls in the assessment of patients with abdominal pain. Describe high-risk scenarios related to patients with abdominal pain. TOPIC 5 - THE NEW TOXIDROMES - Describe the presentation and treatment of intoxication with rave drugs like Ecstasy, ketamine and GHB. Use a case-based format to discuss some of the newer drugs of abuse. Review the toxic properties, and the treatments, of some of the most commonly used herbal medicines. TOPIC 6 - TRAUMA CASE STUDIES - Identify critical issues in the evaluation and management of the injured patient using a case-based format. Describe the management imperatives of: Severe and minor brain injury; Spinal trauma; Blunt chest trauma; Blunt abdominal trauma; Pelvic trauma; Genitourinary trauma. Discuss common pitfalls in the evaluation of the injured patient. TOPIC 7 - ACUTE MANAGEMENT OF SEVERE ASTHMA IN THE PEDIATRIC PATIENT - Appraise the literature with regard to the treatment of children with severe asthma. Summarize the role of continuously nebulized albuterol for children with severe asthma. Discuss the use of magnesium sulfate and intravenously administered beta2- agonists in this setting.


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