At - Retail Marketing Asia 2007 (RSA 2007)

Venue: Shanghai

Location: Shanghai, China

Event Date/Time: Aug 07, 2007
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At-Retail Marketing Asia 2007 is a premier event focused on At-Retail Marketing held in the largest, fastest growing and most important emerging markets in the world. With the rapid opening up of the consumer retail sector in notable super emerging economies such as China and India, retailers and brands both global and local are battling to plant their flags and stake out their market share in Asia.

Bringing together retail industry players, brand-owners, marketing and advertising professionals in China and Asia, this premium industry event serves as a platform for industry players and professionals to share insights and successful strategies; learn of latest international At-Retail Marketing trends and developments, hear from industry experts and specialists and address challenges facing the industry. At-Retail Marketing Asia 2007 will also offer a unique networking opportunity for industry players and professionals from all over the world.

Why Retail Marketing?

Asia's retail industry is witnessing rapid development and expansion as the growth of emerging economies fuel growing consumer spending. From fashion to furniture, home appliances to high-tech gadgets, sporting goods to supermarkets, consumers are flexing their buying muscles and the choices are many.

As the consumers face a wide range of choices and array of brands, traditional advertising and marketing approaches are no longer enough for brands trying to hold on to or build market share. The battle for the consumer's attention and favor is now being fought, not the living room in front of the television or in the pages of newspapers and magazines or even amongst the jungle of OOH advertising; the battle is being waged in the retail environment, at the very moment when the consumer reaches out for a product or chooses which store to enter.

At-Retail Marketing is growing in its importance and challenging the dominance of traditional advertising methods and approaches. Retail, marketing and advertising professionals can no longer ignore the value of At-Retail Marketing has on their brand and more importantly, its direct impact on sales revenue.

Welcome to the At-Retail Marketing Asia 2007 Conference.

At-Retail Marketing Asia 2007 Forum

The cutting-edge At-Retail Marketing Asia Forum will address all the relevant issues and topics pertaining to Retail Marketing and focus on real issues and challenges facing the industry. Industry players and professionals can expect insightful presentations, and sharing of expertise, successful strategies and relevant case studies by industry experts.

With over 30 sessions of informative presentations and breakout session, At-Retail Marketing Asia forum will address the issues and challenges of attach the retail environment, and will offer abundant in-depth learning opportunities to delegates in the 2 days workshop.

1. Range of topics
a. Retail Marketing ?The new wave
b. Shoppers Science
c. Multi Sensory Marketing Technologies
d. Technology innovations in Retail Marketing
e. Effectiveness of Retail Marketing ?ROI
f. Digital Signage - Deployment in scale
g. Brand building with retail marketing
h. Retail marketing for different set-up
i. Case Studies presentation by industry leaders
j. Point of Purchase

2. Who should attend this forum?
- Marketing Managers
- In-Store Marketing Managers
- Branding Managers
- Store Managers
- Business Development Managers
- Retail Managers
- Sales Managers
- Division Heads
- CEOs, COOs
- Art/Creative Directors
- Account Managers
- Consultants
- Retail Designers
- Visual Merchandising Professionals
- Media Buyers
- Media Decision Makers
- Store Planners.

Why At-Retail Marketing Asia 2007 is different?

2 Days of informative seminars, interactive workshops!

At-Retail Marketing Asia will be different from all other retail related events ever held in this region in terms of:

Focus: the first kind of event in the region solely dedicated to the new found importance of At-Retail Marketing, an important tool for all retailers.

Quality: topics and structure derived after intensive market research and understanding what the market requires.