Event Date/Time: Nov 04, 2007 End Date/Time: Nov 11, 2007
Registration Date: Nov 03, 2007
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This course will offer unique, hands-on experiences with cutting-edge technologies that will comfortably fit into your podiatric or medical practice. You’ll learn new clinical skills in a relaxed environment, expand the services you offer to your patients, and reinvigorate your practice with new technologies that have been specifically chosen to add to your bottom line.

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT)
In this section you will learn about this cutting-edge European technology and its applications for chronic, difficult-to-treat, non-responsive injuries such as plantar fasciitis / fasciosis, Achilles tendonitis / tendinosis, lateral epicondylitis, calcific deposition disorders, Peyronie’s disease, avascular necrosis and non-unions. You will also get a hands-on lesson on how to use the newest shockwave technology on the market today.

Diagnostic Ultrasonography
Learn how to incorporate this imaging technology into your practice to quickly and efficiently diagnose injuries that frequently go unnoticed with X-rays, CT, bone scans and even MRI. Discover the many indications for this technology, how to recognize pathology, and guidance on what to look for in a purchasing a machine. Includes a hands-on lesson on using this technology.

Non-invasive vascular assessment
This module will focus on how to perform a quick / efficient in-office assessment of the vascular-impaired patient. Learn how to examine larger vessels with a Doppler exam and assess smaller vessels with photoplethysmography. You’ll then get a hands-on training on how to use these technologies to aid in your treatment of diabetic patients, smokers, and operative patients.

Like electrosurgery and laser, radiosurgery uses electromagnetic waves to treat a wide variety of soft tissue conditions - but only waves in the radio frequency spectrum provide quicker healing. Learn to use radiosurgery daily for common conditions like ingrown nails, warts, varicosities and a wide variety of dermatological conditions, as well as in open surgery. The emphasis of this module is the podiatric indications of this technology, but radiosurgery is also applicable to dermatologists, plastic surgeons, otolaryngologists, gynecologists, general practitioners, and other medical specialties.

Wound Healing Technology


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