Midwest Internet Marketing Super Conference (MidwestSuperConferen)

Venue: Sheraton Bloomington Hotel

Location: Bloomington, Minnesota, United States

Event Date/Time: Sep 28, 2007 End Date/Time: Sep 30, 2007
Registration Date: Sep 28, 2007
Early Registration Date: Sep 28, 2007
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Internet Marketing Super Conference


is How to Claim
Your Unfair Advantage by Watching 12 of the World's Most Important and
Influential Marketing Masters Share ALL Their
Secrets, Revealing
HOW They Used the
Internet to Generate Millions.
Imagine Yourself Using Those Secrets to Secure
Your Financial Future...Forever..."


What is it worth to you to be
trained by the best instead of by amateurs?

If you're not making as much money
in your online business as you hoped...

If you
just wish someone would cut
through the clutter and spoon feed you solid marketing truth...


Then you need to meet Jeff Mills
and his 11 Internet Marketing Millionaire friends

 at the Midwest Internet
Marketing Super Conference.

Hurry, there's
....Claim your

Your Door.

  • Take your phone off the hook.

    Turn off your cell

  • Don't check your

  • Do read
    this letter carefully

  • Yes, it really is that

It could change
your life


Date: August 1, 2007, 5:25 am

From: Jeff Mills - Host and Internet

(short on time? In a Hurry?
Go here for short summary)

Dear Friend,

A couple
of years ago, I was struggling to make any money online.

thought I was being ripped off.

I worried
that the
only people making money
online were the ones who kept taking my money, each one
claiming they would "show me the way" to online riches.

Any of that
sound familiar?

I did find
a way out of all that confusion, and so can you.

If you'd
love to turn your business ideas and skills into an endless stream of

If you're
ready to join "the big boys" who make wheelbarrows of cash on the
internet without all the risks and heartaches of "regular" business

Or if you
operate a real-world enterprise and want the magic
key to unlock the hidden profits in your business and discover the secret
marketing tricks of the elite...then this may be
the most important website you ever


Midwest Internet Marketing Super Conference II

"It's ALL
About the Marketing and Partnerships!"

28th - September 30th, 2007 - Minneapolis, MN

Let me make one thing very clear
from the start: This is not your typical
seminar or training event. 

How is
it different? Well, let's start with who the
Midwest Super Conference is for:

  • Anyone who operates a
    business online.

  • Anyone who plans to operate a business
    (or expand their existing business) online in the next 12 months.

  • Anyone who has been
    struggling to make money online...

  • Anyone who is making some
    money online now
    but not nearly as much as you'd like.

  • Anyone who wants to break into the lucrative
    business of

  • Anyone who has a hunger for online
    marketing knowledge
    and needs the best
    tips and advice.

  • Anyone who is in Direct Sales, MLM, or a Network
    and wants to
    know how to turbo charge your business-building efforts
    by "going online" -- instead of buying leads and smiling and dialing with cold
    calls - you'll learn how to do it..... the


Listen to the Positive Feedback Videos

From Seasoned Seminar Attendees!


You won't
be learning what worked 2 years ago -- you'll be learning what works
right now. Here are a few things this conference is not:

  • It is not about recruiting you
    or anyone else
    into MLM or Network Marketing
    No need to worry, as there will be absolutely no "pitching" of MLM's or
    any "business opportunities from the teaching platform." It is all content you
    can go back and use now.


  • It's
    not about "selling Hype".
    seminars sell hype, false claims and promise
    the moon with unheard of guarantees. Our
    conference is founded on EDUCATION and
    TOP NOTCH COACHING by a millionaire
    staff that combined, has generated over 100
    Million dollars. You'll get the straight up,
    current truth on what really is working today.


  • It's
    not about dull, boring,
    stuff you've heard a hundred times.
    lined up the
    very best teachers in the world of online marketing, and they're going
    to give you the latest, most cutting-edge techniques that bring sales
    and profits. More on the
    outstanding teaching staff in a bit.

important that you understand this is going to be the most
informative, educational, entertaining, and profit-boosting event of
its kind ever held in the Midwest.

In fact,
nothing like this has ever taken place
in our part of the country. Well, there was one event, and it was the one I did
last year, so I guess I am the new trend setter in
this part of the world!

Here's why I got inspired to create this

The Unexpected Lightning
Bolt That

Awakened My "Inner Entrepreneur"

you may or may not know that from 1999-2003 I was struggling with my
online businesses. In fact, I
didn't really have
a business -- I just had a lot of wasted time,
money, and effort. I had no mentor and no direction.


Fast-forward one year later to 2004.  

had left my position as a Youth Pastor in the ministry, and I
was working from my home full-time.  I
involved in several businesses online, and making a very
good income. 

all the struggling, I found:

  • I now could work when I wanted to, from
    I could access the Internet and had to have a cell phone.

  • I was making plenty of money -
    and able to give my family those "little luxuries" that seemed to make
    life so much more rewarding.

  • I was finally able to give money to my
    at a level that was so much more significant than
    it ever has been.

  • More importantly, I could now
    freely give my time
    to causes that
    were meaningful to me
    -- instead of
    having my days dictated by a clock.

It was just
like I had always hoped it would be.

So Who
Is Jeff Mills and Why Should You Care?

I am originally from Surf City, USA,
otherwise known as Huntington Beach, California.

I grew up there surfing the beaches on
Newport, Huntington and even doing some "down
south" surfari's into San Diego County and even
Northern Baja. I love surfing and
eventually had to give it up because I had a
specific purpose in my life which I needed to
fulfill. I still surf when I get a chance. My
last surf trip was to California in February
2007, and I got to do some surfing with my high
school friends and it was awesome. You'll find
me to be a pretty laid back surfer dude, who is
easy going, non-threatening and easy to work

This is Pipeline - the
Gnarliest wave on the planet

When I was 21 years old, I left my beach bum
life to go to Canada and attend North American
Baptist College (now called Taylor University
College and Seminary) in Edmonton, Alberta.

It was quite a shock going from 70 degrees to
-70 degrees in the winter, but I actually
needed the change of scenery to get into a new
mind set
. My mind set was to prepare myself
for theological education, with the hopes of
being a Youth Pastor and teaching kids to know

After I graduated from Bible College, I spent a
summer in France as a missionary, and then the
following fall, I moved to Sioux Falls, South

I went to the North American Baptist Seminary
there and met my beautiful wife, La Rae, who was
studying in the same program as me. In our last
year of school, we got married and accepted
positions at Faith Baptist Church in the
Minneapolis, Minnesota area with our Masters of
Divinity degrees in hand.

We moved up to the Twin Cities in 1997
and have been here ever since.

Minneapolis and the Twin
Cities are the most beautiful to see in the Fall

After serving as a Youth Pastor for about 9
years, I stepped out of fulltime ministry in
2003 to run my businesses fulltime out of my
home and to also spend more time with my
daughter and wife.

Since stepping out of paid ministry I have become a successful
entrepreneur, author, seminar promoter and
online marketer.

It's interesting to look at my professional
education and see I have no formal background in
business, but I have spent the last 5 years of
my life being super active in learning all I can
about how the internet works and how people can
make a fortune online.

This is a testament to
how important it is to go to events and seminars
and learn from people, because most of what I
know now, I learned at live seminars or through
relationships I made with people I met at

Jeff Mills with Marketing
Mentor, Armand Morin (he made $35 Million

As I mentioned above, my life now is all
about freedom

I get up when I am done sleeping in the
morning, and I go to bed when I am tired. Ask my
wife. I hardly ever use an alarm clock simply
cause I don't have to and I don't want to!

I have many websites that rank in the #1
positions on multiple search engines, and I run
multiple online businesses and coach
teams of over 1000 people online.

I love to travel all over the world and see
beautiful places and people. The travel industry
is where I have made the bulk of all my money.

I have sold almost $2 Million dollars of
products online, and so I know a thing or two
about online marketing, and
that is why I put on
the Midwest Super Conference, so I can give back

and help people who are in the same situation

I was in 5 years ago.

And here's the best part...

Can Change YOUR
 Life, Too

Some of my close internet
friends call me the "Minister of Marketing".

no longer a
full-time Youth Minister for a church, it's true...

I do
believe that I
have a full-time mission...

...teaching others how to be financially free.

I know, I know. That sounds
trite. You've heard it before. But here's the
difference: the memories are still fresh in my
mind of what it's like to struggle for money. I
remember what it feels like to suffer from a lack
of abundance. I have driven the broken down car. I
have passed on incredible opportunities, simply
because I "didn't have the money".

No one spoke prosperity principles into my life. It was
my mentors and internet marketing friends who
helped me understand wealth and abundance, and
that is when everything changed for good.

I know the uplifting
freedom that comes from having enough money 
pay the bills, give generously to those in need, and not have to worry
about money. 

gets me more jazzed than seeing other people be transformed from broke to

me, there was one thing that made the transformation possible - one
thing in particular that allowed
me to change my life so quickly. 

I believe that same thing will work for you, too.

"Made about $190,000 in 18

"I've had the privilege of knowing Jeff for about 3 years...he's very
successful in Internet marketing. I started working with Jeff, made
$3,000 in my first month...and in the next 18 months I made about
$190,000 online using what I learned from Jeff. " - John Roney


All you have to do is...

Toe-to-Toe With Successful People

learned in 2003
that the key to success was meeting people who had already
done what I wanted to do. Learn
how they achieved success, and then duplicate what they did.

started out by learning on free teleseminars, then I graduated to paid
teleseminars, and finally to real world belly to belly seminars. That's when things
really took off - when I started attending live learning

explain why in a moment...but first...

remember very clearly when I got an e-mail from a gentleman named
, about his upcoming seminar in Orlando, Florida.  The
seminar was
called the Big Seminar, (one of the biggest).

when I saw the price of the
I was shocked.  It was $1,997

had never
heard of a seminar ticket that expensive before.  Somehow,
though, I
knew I had to attend.  Something told me this was
going to be the answer I'd been looking for.

scraped together the price of the plane ticket, room and conference, put them on
my credit card, and convinced a friend of
mine to go with me.  It was a life-changing experience.

met people who
were doing what I wanted to do. Not only that, I heard straight from
their own mouths how to duplicate
their success. We both had our eyes opened, and I learned things then that
I am still using and implementing now 4 years later.

was where I first
learned the deep, sustained value of live continuing education seminars.

It's also strange and
funny as I remember sitting down at that first
seminar and all around me were powerful internet
marketers. They all knew each other, but no
one knew me, and I was too shy to introduce
myself. But at each seminar I went to, I got to
know more and more people and now many of those
I first sat by are my friends and Joint Venture

something else I recognized immediately, too - there was a need for a different kind of
. A seminar that:

  • Took place in the Midwest.
    So many people here want to get started online
    but don't know how. Many of these people just can't travel the extreme
    distances required for most seminars. Currently we are about an 8 hours drive
    for over 20 million people in the Midwest.
    (no excuse, you gotta come now!)

  • Had a lower ticket price. Most
    high-level marketing seminars cost anywhere from $1,997 up to
    $5,000, even as high as $25,000. Many people starting out just can't afford a ticket price that

  • Was geared to take people from
    beginner to intermediate status online.
    a lot to learn in the marketing world -- someone needed to take people
    like me by the hand and show us step-by-step how things are done.

Now there is such a seminar -
it's the Midwest
Internet Marketing Super Conference.

It meets
all these needs I just mentioned. I know, because I created it
and the people in my videos are proving it. I did
not tell them what to say, but you can see their
passion as they speak from their hearts.


Into This "Phone Booth", Emerge

As A Marketing Superhero!

know how Clark
Kent dashes into a phone booth,
and pops out a few seconds
later as
Superman? That's what happens to people all the time when they get
together with other like-minded entrepreneurs at special continuing education

when many of those entrepreneurs
are successful online millionaires.
Doesn't it just make
sense that if you want to be a millionaire, you
need to learn how from someone who already is?

Stop learning from
Amateurs, who learned their lame methods from
Amateurs before them. It's time you break
that ridiculous cycle.

only will you be networking with and learning from the "marketing
elite" at the Super Conference, you'll also be getting to know the
"next generation" of the elite -- people just like you, on their way up.

you attend this
and take advantage of all that's offered,
you too can make that superhero transformation.

you can do it practically in your own backyard if you live close by.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Be At This

  1. This is the only event of its
    kind in the Midwest.
    Face it - our region of the USA has
    been neglected. Maybe you've noticed all the other seminars and
    conferences happen far away from here. Hey, we're the heartland of
    America! We deserve our
    own conference.
    The Internet Marketing Super
    Conference is close to where you live, easy and inexpensive to travel

  2. The price is reasonable. While
    many of the expensive marketing seminars are well worth the price
    of admission, it's important we have a conference for people who can't
    spend $5,000 to attend an event like this. The Midwest Internet Marketing Super
    Conference ticket is a mere fraction of the cost of other events -- but
    worth as much or more than most of them.

  3. You will learn from some of the
    very best teachers.
    All of our instructors have
    real-world experience running multi-million dollar businesses. I've
    carefully selected them based on their areas of expertise, covering
    all the critical areas needed to make your business successful, safe,
    and financially sound.

  4. You'll be surrounded by
    like-minded, success-oriented people.
    Too many times, we
    as entrepreneurs and small business owners are surrounded by people who don't understand our
    vision, who can't comprehend what we're trying to do, and who fill our
    minds with negative thoughts and influences. At the Midwest
    Super Conference you'll be surrounded by people who are like you -- and
    who will give you positive feedback, reinforcement, and encouragement
    to reach your goals.

  5. You will develop your own
    million-dollar Rolodex.
    The value of this cannot be
    overstated; the people you meet at the conference, the friendships and
    business relationships you form, can literally make you millions of
    dollars. Yes, you'll meet and mingle with the "stars" on our faculty --
    but you'll also be meeting and mingling with the future marketing
    (like you) who are attending. This is so important, we will provide you
    special training on how to maximize this very feature of the conference.

The Three Keys To Your Business
Success Are...

believe there are three core areas all entrepreneurs need to master,
and at the Midwest Super Conference we will work on all

1.  Personal

going to start
with the personal development aspect of building your own

Most people do not continue their education after
finish with formal schooling.  In fact, when most people
from college that's the last time they'll pick up a book to
and learn new information about their chosen profession, unless they
are forced
to continue their education by a boss. 

Some professions that require
continuing education
include academia, medicine, and the
profession.  Personally, I think continuing education should
required for all professions. 

As a Youth Pastor, I
went to many national Youth Ministry and Pastors
conventions to allow my ministry and personal
development to flourish.

you stop learning, you
growing. You agree, right?

For there to be self improvement there needs to
be self movement.

So we're
bringing in
that will help us become better people.  You'll
overcome the limited thinking patterns that have become habits of
that are holding you back. 

That's part one of our three-pronged approach - learning to
break out of self-imposed limits and start thinking in new ways that
will allow us to experience success that we have not yet enjoyed.


2.  Business

two is all about business
development, and we will focus
on internet marketing and many facets geared to specific niche markets. 

I know that when I
in business, I had no idea what marketing really
shocking to discover how many people have had marketing educations in
our colleges and universities, and yet don't have the first idea of how
to apply their knowledge in a practical, real world business
situation.  The internet is a great direct response tool, but too many
don't know how to tap into the millions of niche
markets out there.

We're bringing in the top
marketing experts to
how to grow your
business, how to get more
customers, how to make more
profits, and how to do all of this with less human effort, and in less time
than you
ever thought possible.

One of
the key
distinctions that we are going to take advantage of at the seminar is
the fact that there are proven
systems for doing business. 


Hwy 100 & 494
United States

Additional Information

Two ways to buy... Standard ticket is $697 VIP ticket is $997