Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine 2007. Meeting New Leader (FVU2007)

Venue: NC \"Expocenter of Ukraine\"

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Event Date/Time: Dec 04, 2007 End Date/Time: Dec 06, 2007
Registration Date: Nov 15, 2007
Early Registration Date: Sep 01, 2007
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Expected number of participants - around 350 professionals from 15-20 world countries.
Working languages: English, Russian and Ukrainian.

"Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine" - it is already a very strong and internationally recognized brand for specialized international horticultural forums of Eastern Europe of highest quality. After three years of existence the Conference has been included in nearly calendars of key international and local fruit & vegetable businesses of the region. Every year the Conference gathers in Kiev from 300 to 400 professionals.

Structure of the past year's "Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine 2006. Open Market" Conference clearly demonstrates a wide interest to this event from nearly all segments of the horticultural business and confirms that the topics discussed at the event are very timely and important for all participants.

It is noteworthy that in the past year's most of the participants were represented by the owners and top-management of the large companies. Active part in the conference took most of the largest fruit growers of Ukraine (apples, strawberries, peaches and other fruits), many large and medium greenhouse companies, basically all leading input suppliers, as well as companies which supplied drip irrigation systems, equipment for post harvest handling, packing and storage of fruits and vegetables, largest distributors, exports and importers of fresh produce, many large processors and several nationwide and international supermarket chains.

Foreign and international companies at the conference were usually represented by input, equipment and machinery suppliers. Many importers and exporters also came to visit the conference, learn about the market and conclude fruitful contracts. There were also several international experts from other countries, who took part in the Conference. In total 37% of participants represented 16 world countries and 63% represented Ukrainian businesses.

It is our strict rule that at our conferences we provide only exclusive and up-to-date information!

This year's Conference is called "Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine 2007. Meeting New Leader". While only 4 years ago we called our first horticultural conference "Market of New Opportunities". In just 4 years Ukraine has made a huge step forward in the development of the horticultural market and basically became the regional leader among the FSU countries.

Below are several examples that clearly demonstrate Ukraine's progress:

In 2006/07 Ukraine has exported more than 50,000 MT of fresh onions (including 20,000 MT exported to Poland and other EU countries), while only a couple of years ago Ukraine was one of the largest importers of onions.

In 2004 Ukraine has 10-12 working processing plants ãîäó and in 2006 their number has grown to around 125. Most of the produced canned vegetables and fruits are exported and the market has been grown by more than 100% per year.

In the past 4 years Ukraine has become one of the largest exporter of watermelons in Europe and production of melons and watermelons has more than doubled in 2006.

Area under fruits and vegetables grown with drip irrigation in Ukraine has grown more than fivefold in the past 4 years (more than 100% per annum!). Presently total area of fruits and vegetables under drip irrigation in Ukraine is estimated at 45-50 thousand hectares!

Ukraine has the largest area of modern greenhouses among FSU countries and continues growing it rapidly.

Ukraine is the second largest producer of potatoes in Europe now after Russia.

Typical cabbage harvest in Ukraine is larger than total production of cabbage in the EU-15 put together.

Ukraine is one of the world leaders of gherkin production in the world and produces around 1.5mn MT of open field tomatoes every year. Ukraine is also the largest producer of cucumbers in Europe.

Ukraine is one of the world leaders in cherry production and it continues to rapidly expand the area of modern cherry orchards.

Considering the amount of investments into the modern orchards noted in Ukraine, the country could become a large exporter of fruits (especially apple) while presently it is a large importer. This year already Ukraine has actively exported berries.

Modern cold storage facilities (including ULO or CA) are built in Ukraine more rapidly than anywhere else in the region. Without any governmental support the total size of modern storage facilities is more than doubling every year.

Ukraine plans to become a WTO member in 2007-2008, which would further liberalize trade of fresh produce, inputs and equipment for horticultural business.

Working languages of the Conference: Ukrainian, Russian and English
Subjects discussed at the Conference:
Outlook for greenhouse business of Ukraine considering global trends in consumption, logistics and energy prices.

Production and price outlook for fruits, vegetables and berries in 2007/08.

Potential of exports and imports of fruits & vegetables.

Where to sell Ukraine's canned vegetables? Industry outlook for 2008 and strategically.

Overview of vacant market niches for horticultural business of Ukraine.

Presentation of modern technologies of long-term storage and transportation of fruits & vegetables.

Post harvest handling of fruits, vegetables and berries - new ideas and trends.

New in the technologies of fruits & vegetables production.


1, Glushkova Street

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