Event Date/Time: Aug 26, 2007
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TelePresence World Washington 2008

A landmark summit on the emerging technologies of Telepresence, Presence, and Unified Communications

“The future is already here. It’s just not very evenly distributed.”

-- William Gibson

Over the next decade, virtually every Global 5000 company will adopt a technology allowing them to interact with people, no matter how far away, as if they were in the same room. The technology is called telepresence, and a variety of Fortune 1000 organizations already use it, reporting both satisfaction and a strong return on their investment.

Telepresence meetings make remote participants life-size, with fluid motion, accurate flesh-tones and flawless audio. The experience feels remarkably natural and comfortable for almost any size meeting from two people to large classrooms. Telepresence solutions are easy to use and surprisingly handy for collaborating on spreadsheets, slide decks, documents or even physical objects with minute details. Specialized telepresence solutions for specific industries already exist, for settings as diverse as pharmaceutical research labs, movie and television studios, university-level distance learning, and neurological operating rooms.

Most importantly, telepresence solutions create a “business-class consistency-of-quality” between companies, universities, publicly available telepresence facilities, and other organizations on the same effective visual collaboration networks. This consistency-of-quality between locations when combined with the improved end-user acceptance and usage of telepresence solutions is creating a platform for effective Inter-company business connecting vendors, suppliers, customers and joint venture partners together for natural, comfortable, instantaneous global collaboration.

Complimenting and accelerating the telepresence revolution is an equally important revolution in Presence, the ability to know colleagues’ and partners’ availability and connect to them instantaneously, and Unified Communications, the integration of communications to a single in-box for voice, email, fax, webconferencing, video, and ultimately telepresence.

When combined, these technologies have already demonstrated the ability to dramatically improve workflow, save time, and accelerate time-to-market advantage through the ability to:

• Reliably reach co-workers on the first try

• Manage voicemail, email, and faxes from the same inbox

• Instantaneously escalate IM sessions into collaborative
   video and/or webconferences

• Simplify the calendaring of meetings, webconferences,
   and videoconferences/telepresence

• Improve the ability of roadwarriors and teleworkers

   to stay connected to colleagues

This landmark summit, a high-level conference and trade exhibition, will bring together telepresence, presence, and unified communications industry leaders and major end-users from around the globe. Each will have the opportunity to debate and discuss the revolutionary technological developments that have brought telepresence from the realm of science fiction to the reality of everyday business. Through your sponsorship of this event, we invite you to be a catalyst, as, for example, corporate CEO’s and CIO’s exchange ideas, counter challenges, and shape a vision for implementation throughout the business and consumer worlds. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate and set your company apart, by becoming a key player in helping to set the course for these key industries.


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