Medical Education and Public Health in Palestine (CMC I)

Venue: Gaza City

Location: Gaza City, Gaza Strip, PNA, Israel

Event Date/Time: Mar 04, 2008 End Date/Time: Mar 05, 2008
Registration Date: Jan 31, 2008
Early Registration Date: Nov 30, 2007
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College of Medicine Conference

"Medical Education and Public Health in Palestine"
(Facts, Challenges and Ambitions)
March 4-5, 2008

The Islamic University in Gaza seeks to serve Palestinian community through the provision of distinguished higher education to its students. Additionally, the university continues to work with the local community where continuing educational services are provided for different sectors of our civil society. The University has also focused its attention on scientific research to understand the inherent problems of society, and to develop practical solutions to overcome them.

In this context the University inaugurated College of Medicine in the academic year 2006-2007 to help fostering medical learning in particular and the health sector in general.

The College of Medicine at the Islamic University is pleased to announce the organization of the college first Medical Conference, entitled "Medical Education and Public Health in Palestine", to discuss the status of medical education and public health, and to come-up with proper recommendations to keep up with international standards.

Conference Objectives

• To study the reality of medical education status.
• To provide a forum for medical researchers.
• To Boost the role of scientific research in finding solutions for health issues in Palestine.

Themes of the conference
First: Medical Education in Palestine
1. Medical Education in Palestine (Facts, Challenges, Ambitions).
2. Scientific research in the medical sciences in Palestine.
3. Job opportunities for medical graduates in Palestine.
4. Educational and training needs for the medical sectors.

Second: Public Health in Palestine
1. Public Health in Palestine (primary, secondary, tertiary)
2. The budgets of the different health sectors and adequacy.
3. Medical awareness and community participation.
4. Chronic diseases in Palestine
5. Medications and their misuses and abuses.

The organizing committee is calling upon all interested researchers, academics and health workers in Palestinian, Arab and international universities, to provide their research papers to participate in this conference.

Participants from outside Gaza Strip, can present their seminars through Video conference.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is November 30. 2007.
Participants will be informed about the scientific committee decision by 31-January 2008.

Conference Chairman
Dr. Mofeed Al-Mokhallalati (Dean of the Faculty of Medicine).

Organizing committee:
Dr. Abdelraouf Elmanama (Chairman)

Dr. Yousef Al-Jeesh Dr. Khamis El-Essi
Dr. Mohammed El-kashef Dr. Sami Zaqout
Dr. Asmaa Abu El-Reesh Mr. Said El-Ghorra
Mr. Husam Ayesh Mr. Said Al-Namroti

Scientific committee:
Prof. Mohammed E. Shubair (Chairman)

Prof. Fadel Sharif Prof. Maged Yassin.
Prof. Samir Afifi Dr. Abdelmonem Lubbad
Dr. Yehia Abed Dr. Said Salah
Dr. Mohammed Jouda Dr. Mohammed Tarshawi
Dr. Suzan Shusha'a Dr. Fadel Naem
Dr. Abdel Aziz Thabet Dr. Tysir Thyab

Please send abstracts and full article to
Dr. Abdelraouf A. Elmanama
Organizing committee, College of Medicine, Islamic University, P.O. Box 108, Gaza, Palestine.
Fax: (+972 / 8) 2860800
Phone: (+972 / 8) 2900/2823311- 5428635 - 2860700