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Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Event Date/Time: Nov 24, 2007 End Date/Time: Nov 25, 2007
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Organized by Demokratska Misao (Democratic Thought Publishing House), Novi Plamen (New Flame Magazine) in South East Europe and VIF, Left International Forum, Sweden.

At a time when neoliberal globalization ravages the world, when the system cannot deliver even the most fundamental prerequisites for dignified life, resistance based on popular participation to create a better world for humanity, is inevitable. Movements arise at local and national levels to protect the interests of the peoples, to work for social change and to seek ways of transforming the structures that maintain and uphold brutal social and economic injustices.

Our conference aims to connect various experiences and to exchange knowledge about the theories and practices of the different forms of participatory democracy that have emerged in different parts of the world.

We aim to bring together political leaders, mass leaders, community and social movement activists and intellectuals as well as interested individuals from different countries to a dialogue - to discuss and exchange experiences and ideas. Special focus will be given to the unique developments of participatory democracy in societies that seem to be going through the process of transition to socialism, and others that recently went through a transition to capitalism.

Since Yugoslavia as a country and society was known for taking the idea of workers self-management in production to practice, this conference will dedicate special attention to an analysis of that experience, and to evaluate its reach, as well as to consider reasons for its failure. And since Venezuela is developing its socialism in the 21st century through participatory democracy and self management in production, the interchange of experience will be at the center of the conference. Another focus will be the struggle for economic democracy in capitalist societies, in the meaning of the workers participation and power in the workplace.

This conference is a continuation of the series of international conferences on participatory democracy organized by the VIF and local partners starting in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2004 and then a Latin American Conference on Participatory Democracy in Caracas, Venezuela, in 2005 and an Asian Conference on Participatory Democracy and Alternative Forms of Peoples Power held in Manila, the Philippines January 2007. Documentation from these conferences are available at our website,

This appeal is an open invitation to interested organizations and individuals to take part in the conference. By September 2007 a conference program should be available on our website, for distribution. If you are interested in participating in the conference or in knowing more about the process, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Welcome to the South East European Regional Conference on Participatory Democracy and Self-Management!


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CONTACT: Dan Jakopovich, Democratic Thought publishing house Telephone: +1 646 575 86 83 E-mail: =============== Goran Markoviæ Novi Plamen magazine ====================== Eva Björklund Left International Forum Telephone: 46 8 617 51 81