Assessment of Student Academic Achievement: Shifting the Focus from the Teacher Teaching to the Stu

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Event Date/Time: Sep 15, 2009 End Date/Time: Sep 15, 2009
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Assessment of Student Academic Achievement: Shifting the Focus from the Teacher Teaching to the Student Learning 15 September 2009 Online NOTE: Payment is not due prior to event date. This workshop will explore and demonstrate assessment mechanisms that make student learning visible to the professor. By experiencing assessment as a solution rather than as a problem, participants experience for themselves how (a) assessment shifts responsibility from the teacher teaching to the student learning, (b) an assessment-based pedagogy yields useful feedback simultaneously for both professor and student, and (c) implementing this approach, the professor saves time and effort while students learn faster and deeper. Accordingly, everyone goes home happier. This method works at many levels, including both the on-line and F2F environments. Who should attend? This workshop is for pure faculty members who wish to escape the administrivial burdens of assessment and who wish to teach more effectively by having their students learn more effectively. This workshop is also for university administrators who wish to put in place policies that encourage and make visible the results and the joys of effective learning and teaching, both for their own institutions and for external accreditors. Finally, this workshop is for all college, university, and community college citizens who want to go home happier at the end of each day. Who is the presenter? Dr. Douglas Eder I am a neuroscientist and have a long history as a pure faculty member, complete with teaching, research, and service activities. Beginning in 1987 I assisted in the construction of Southern Illinois University Edwardsvilles assessment program and in 1993 became the steward of that process. Many of assessments most thoughtful scholars have patiently shared their wisdom with me with the result that I was able to represent my university via assessment presentations at over four dozen national and regional conferences, advised on assessment issues at over 100 institutions of higher learning across North America and from Europe to the Western Pacific, I have published refereed articles on the subject of authentic assessment, program review, and reaccreditation, and accepted the invitation to serve in 2000-01 as the Emerson Visiting Distinguished Scholar at Hamilton College in New York. Since 2001 I have presented AACSBs Assurance of Learning seminars and, more recently, I co-authored and co-present the Applied Assessment seminars. I twice received my university’s Teaching Excellence Award and received its Research Scholar Award as well. SIUE occupied my life for 31 years. After then serving administratively at Arizona State University, I received appointment as associate provost at the University of North Florida to work on reaccreditation, which I completed in September, 2008. Enquiries: