Event Date/Time: Dec 10, 2007 End Date/Time: Dec 12, 2007
Early Registration Date: Sep 01, 2007
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World Legal Forum: "Effective international dispute settlement for public and private actors"

Since the Hague Peace Conference of 1907, the nature of international law has changed dramatically. Not only has the international balance of power changed substantially; the power of individual countries has been balanced by international law itself. At the same time, companies have developed into new international powerhouses, not only economically but also legally. Moreover, NGOs have become global players and laid the foundation for new international legal structures.

Today, both public and private actors are responsible for managing safe and reliable international interactions. World Legal Forum (WLF) will therefore bring together academics, leading businessmen and policy makers to discuss ‘Effective International Dispute Settlement’. WLF will take place in the Peace Palace and World Forum Convention Centre (WFCC) in The Hague on December 10-12, 2007, in commemoration of the Hague Peace Conference of 1907.

WLF will be an interdisciplinary, intercultural and intersectoral platform where speakers from all over the world will engage in an open and informal debate about dispute settlement. The audience will consist of members of the judiciary, parliamentarians, policymakers, businessmen, legal practitioners and academics working in the field of international law and international relations.

The discussion will be framed by the following elements:

Developing the Process of Effective International Dispute Settlement

International law has been developed over the last hundred years, but the success in different sectors varies strongly. In some sectors totally new structures have been created, but in other sectors there is still no well-functioning international legal framework. The World Legal Forum (WLF) will address the opportunities for the development and strengthening of existing international law as well as in new areas.

Combining Public and Private Actors to Increase Effectiveness and Legitimacy

Many business organisations have developed soft laws and codes of conduct to regulate their affairs effectively. WLF challenges public and private actors to combine private and public legal structures, making use of the effectiveness and legitimacy of both. WLF will address what international public law can learn from the private sector and how private structures can strengthen the development of international public law. Vice versa, it should be clear were the public sector should support private international lawmaking.

Integrating Intercultural Perspectives on International Law

For effective international law, it has become increasingly important to integrate perspectives from West and East, North and South. The informal character of the forum invites all delegates to enter frank and constructive discussions, plenary as in breakout sessions.


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