Info Sec

Venue: Indaba Hotel

Location: Johanesburg, South Africa

Event Date/Time: Dec 03, 2007 End Date/Time: Dec 05, 2007
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“The statistics for cyber crime are staggering. In the US, it is estimated to cost Americans more than $100 billion a year. Ironically this is far more than the cost of implementing security systems that could dramatically reduce the level of this criminal activity. One of the major problems is that, though executives may suspect the company has a problem, they have little conception of the real dangers and insufficient knowledge to tackle them head on” – Dave Oswald, Director, Forensic Restitution, 26 April 2007.

Within the year 2007 companies of today are facing a greater threat of cyber crime. Criminal’s are now moving more and more towards committing crime via cyber space as it’s quick, easy, and guaranteed. Many companies put a lot of money into protecting their outer security walls but what about internally? Employees are being seen as a much bigger threat than any external criminal. They have full access to information on the server; they all walk in with end-point devices which have enough memory to hold a certain amount of information, doesn’t this scare you as a company? IQPC introduces INFO SEC 2007 which will provide you with practical insightful information on how to secure and protect your company’s data from internal as well as external threats. This event has been produced exclusively for the IT sector in South Africa and offers you the opportunity to accomplish the following:

• Adopt end-point security measures prevent corporate espionage
• Be one step ahead of cyber criminals by implementing a proactive preventative method of securing company information

By attending this event you will gain knowledge about the following key issues:

• Examining current security trends in integrated networks, identity management and shared services
• Assessing the benefit of cyber crime reporting units and mechanisms to bring about a rapid response system and improved prosecution of cyber criminals
• Balancing security needs of internal and external security parameters applying a solutions-based internal and perimeter threat management process to effectively secure your IT infrastructure assets
• Investigating requirements for conducting a detailed and thorough forensic analysis in order to assist the police and bring perpetrators to book
• Implementing end point security and to reduce the proliferation of mobile and wireless security threats