International Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Genomics and Chemoinformatics (BCBGC-08)

Venue: Orlando

Location: Orlando, Florida, United States

Event Date/Time: Jul 07, 2008 End Date/Time: Jul 10, 2008
Registration Date: Apr 04, 2008
Early Registration Date: Apr 04, 2008
Paper Submission Date: Feb 04, 2008
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Agricultural and natural biotechnology products
Amino acid sequencing
Biological morphology
Biomedical image processing
Biomedicine, epidemiology and agriculture
Bio-ontology and data mining
Biophysics and biomechanics
Biosignal processing and understanding
Comparative genomics
Computational genetics
Computational genomics
Computational nanoscience and nanotechnology
Computational systems biology
Computer networks in biology
Computer-aided drug design
Databases and data Integration
Design and synthesis of biological systems
Developmental biology
Drug discovery
Dynamical systems
Dynamics of complex biological systems
Evolution and phylogenetics
Evolution of biological networks
Gene expression networks
Gene identification and annotation
Genetic improvement
Human health
Inference of gene interaction networks
Inference of gene regulatory and protein signaling networks
Machine learning
Metabolomics in health and disease
Modeling and identification of biological systems
Molecular and supramolecular dynamics
Molecular engineering
Molecular evolution and phylogeny
Molecular modeling and simulation
Optimization and control of biological processes
Parallel bioinformatics algorithms
Parallel and distributed computing applications
Pathways and systems biology
Pathways, networks, and systems
Pattern recognition
Protein structure prediction
Protein-protein interaction networks
Proteomics for systems biology
Sequence Analysis
Simulation and system dynamics
Software environments
Structural bioinformatics
Systems biology and drug development
Systems biology and environmental science
Systems biology and genome-wide association studies
Text mining and information extraction
Applications such as AI and computing techniques
Bioenvironmental engineering
Bioinformatics and mathematical theory
Biological data integration
Biological data mining
Biological data visualization
Biological databases
Biomedical engineering
Biomedical imaging and image processing
Biomedical instrumentation and biosensors
Biomedical signal processing
Brain and neural engineering
Cardiovascular system engineering
Clinical engineering
Computational biology and bioinformatics
Education, application, and society
Hospital management information systems
Medical robotics
Molecular, cellular and tissue engineering
Neuromuscular systems and biomechanics
Physiologic system modeling
Respiratory system engineering
Space medicine and biology
Telemedicine and healthcare
Therapeutic physics and rehabilitation
Biomedical sciences and engineering
Biometrics and biostatistics
Bio-molecular engineering
Bio-pharmaceutical engineering
Biopharmaceutical research
Bioprocess engineering
Biotechnology applications in medicine and health
Comparative genomics
Computational drug discovery
Drug target identification
Epidemic models
Ethics in biotechnology
Evolution and phylogenetics
Evolution of regulatory genomic sequences
Experimental studies
Food and process engineering
Functional and comparative genomics
Gene identification
Gene pattern discovery
Gene regulation
Genetic network modeling
Genomic analysis
Genomic databases
Hidden Markov models
Image processing
Knowledge discovery
Macromolecular structure prediction
Mathematical biology
Medical automation
Medical informatics
Metabolic modeling and pathways
Molecular dynamics and simulation
Molecular interactions
Molecular sequence alignment and assembly
Molecular sequence assembly
Molecular sequence classification
Molecular sequence databases
Molecular structure databases
Pattern recognition and analysis
Phylogeny reconstruction
Protein folding
Protein modeling
Protein structure and function prediction
RNA and DNA sequencing
RNA and DNA structure
Sequence analysis and alignment
Sequence analysis and annotation
Software environments
Software methods
Stochastic modeling
Structural and functional genomics
Text mining and information extraction