World Real Estate database (WEr24e)

Venue: World Estate

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Event Date/Time: Jan 01, 2007 End Date/Time: Dec 31, 2013
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We have 4 websites ( - main name, - special name for Bulgarian marketplace (will be connected soon), - for UK, - for USA, and much more coming soon ). All those 4 websites has 1 database, that means , the adds will be visible in all of them. We have made a unique technology for becoming Nr. 1 in the World ( we have started our works just 3 month ago and we will be nr.1 in Europe during this month, because we are now waiting to transport more than 500.000 objects ). Also we have now 23.000 fresh adds from Bulgaria, That means we are now nr.1 in Bulgaria and one of the best international websites too. It's made for a person, who is searching for a concrete information. That means, when you are searching, you wount find our website, you will find a concrete object. 8 languages and 4 (at the moment) websites multiplicate all our adds: 4*8*(500.000+ adds) = tons of unique links in a search engines. So it will become like "google", just for real estate. You would have a logo with a direct link into your website near all the adds, possibility to add an agents and much more! (depends on a package W0-W5) It's a really good opportunity to enlarge your sellings.


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Best regards, Manager for Europe, Mangirdas Vicius Websites: Email: Skype: WE-Mangirdas