Securing Your Organisation’s Information in the Digital Age

Venue: Sydney

Location: Sydney, Australia

Event Date/Time: Dec 06, 2007 End Date/Time: Dec 07, 2007
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Organisations are becoming increasingly aware that information security is no longer a minor technical peripheral issue but rather is becoming a central survival issue. Threats like malware, spyware, zombies and botnets, phishing and pharming, distributed denial of service attacks, and direct internal theft are growing in prevalence and the consequences of such breaches to information security are now potentially crippling. What’s more, with the growing numbers of professional hackers, the adoption of mobile technologies, and the increasing demand for information, these threats are expected to continue to grow and evolve.

Through implementing effective authentication and identification systems, firewalls, anti-spyware, anti-routers, encryption, filters and restricting access to information, organisations are able to go a long way toward securing their information however this alone is not enough and can only be successful when accompanied by a well developed, organisation wide security policy.

This masterclass will look at some of the threats that currently exist, the methods being employed to prevent them and how they can be adapted to meet your own requirements and foreseeable developments in the future. It will also try to show how these individual steps should combine into an overall policy that is understood by all users and changes daily operations within your organisation