9-th International Conference on Protection of Materials and Structures from Space Environment - ICP (ICPMSE-9)

Venue: University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies

Location: Downsview, Ontario, Canada

Event Date/Time: May 19, 2008 End Date/Time: May 23, 2008
Registration Date: May 19, 2008
Early Registration Date: Feb 19, 2008
Abstract Submission Date: Dec 27, 2007
Paper Submission Date: Apr 01, 2008
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Objectives of the Meeting

The human race is about to set forth on a journey that will mark the beginning of a sustained human presence in the solar system. The voyages to the Moon, Mars, Venus mark only the beginning of the space exploration of our solar system. Discovery of new habitable planets and their exploration is the next logical step to the human presence in space.
A thorough knowledge of the space environment around Earth, Mars, Venus and other possible candidates for landing remains therefore an important issue for the years to come. The fast development of nano-structured materials and their coatings will provide new and useful protective properties that, when applied, should enhance the life and reliability of spacecraft exposed to the factors of the space environment.
In light of all these developments, the ICPMSE series of meetings became an important source of knowledge to the space environment community. Since the first meeting in 1992, the conference has grown steadily, attracting a large number of engineers, researchers, managers, and scientists from industrial companies, scientific institutions and government agencies in Canada, U.S.A., Asia, and Europe, thus becoming a true international event.
With the space weather topics overlapping closely in many instances the space environment issues, the ICPMSE-9 meeting is gaining even stronger importance, attracting a large interest in interdisciplinary areas of space exploration of LEO, GEO and Deep Space.
To reflect on all new developments, the program of the meeting, in addition to the traditional topics of protection of materials and structures from the atomic oxygen, VUV, and particle irradiation and thermal effects includes also such topics as micrometeoroids, space weather and relevant protection issues for travel to Moon, Mars, other planets, and Deep Space exploration.
Understanding of the micrometeoroid environment is critical to the design and successful operation of spacecraft and long-term extra-terrestrial habitat. Ground-based impact testing and flight experiment results provide the empirical and verify micrometeoroid models describing the environment, effects on materials and systems, and the performance of mitigation techniques.
The common denominator for all the topics to be discussed at ICPMSE-9 is the protection of materials and structures from the effects of the space factors. The combination of a broad selection of technical and scientific topics addressed by internationally-known speakers with the charm of Toronto and the hospitality of the organizers brings participants back year after year.

The upcoming ICPMSE conference is designed to:
„X Promote the exchange of information and experience among research organizations and scientists, gained from ground-based and flight experiments.

„X Provide a forum for engineers, material scientists, and management to interact and utilize each others' capabilities and

„X Review the latest research and development in topics covering the effects of space weather and environment on materials and structures in LEO, GEO and affecting the interplanetary travel and the exploration of the Universe.

Important Dates to Remember

Abstract Deadline December 27, 2007
Second Announcement January 15, 2008
Final Announcement/Program March 15, 2008
Manuscript Deadline April 1, 2008
Conference Dates May 19 ¡V 23, 2008


► Protection from Space Environment ¡V MIR, ISS, Hubble, NGST, etc. ¡V past, present and future needs

►Environmental Effects (atomic oxygen, UV and particles¡¦ radiation, lunar and planetary dust, vacuum, thermal cycling, spacecraft charging) and Material Protection in LEO, GEO, and Deep Space

►Fundamental and Predictive Models of Interaction of Matter with Space Environment (degradation models, ageing, erosion, synergistic effects, etc.)

►Development, Synthesis and Modification of Materials for Protection in Space using Nano-Materials and Nano-technology principles

►New Materials: Ground-based and In-flight testing and characterization, development and qualification

► Results from MISSE missions
► Contamination effects: plumes, plasma, debris, outgassing, particle and molecular contamination
► New and existing technologies for In-Orbit inspection, maintenance and repair of materials

►Meteoroid/Debris Environment effects, impact modeling and mitigation techniques

► Influence of Space Environment (vacuum, temperature, etc.) on properties of High-Temperature materials

► Lunar, planetary and interplanetary environments and their influence on materials


There will be no parallel sessions at the meeting. All sessions will run concurrently. Every effort will be made to accommodate as many papers as possible for oral presentations. Poster sessions will be organized and time allocated to poster viewing and discussion.

A 300 word abstract is due December 27, 2007.


The submitted papers will be pier-reviewed and published by Springer in the Space Technology Proceedings Series. Papers for publication in the proceedings will be due April 1, 2008.
A special edition of Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets is planned with selected papers from the meeting. Further announcements will be made at the meeting.


The Conference will be held Monday, May 19 through Friday, May 23, 2008, in Toronto, Canada at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (tentative dates and place). The final duration of the meeting and its place will be established in December 2007.


English will be the working language of the meeting.


To receive more information, please enquire at:

Integrity Testing Laboratory, Inc.
80 Esna Park Drive, Units 7-9
Markham, Ontario, Canada, L3R 2R7
Attn.: Prof. J.I. Kleiman


Tel: (905) 415-2207; Fax: (905) 415-3633
e-mail : jkleiman@itlinc.com

Communication with participants will be by e-mail whenever possible. Website details will be announced in September 2007.


4925 Dufferin Street

Additional Information

The conference fees and other details will be annoounced in the second circular in January 2008.