Early Commercial Development and Pharma / Biotech Product Lifecycle Management Strategies

Venue: San Diego

Location: San Diego, California, United States

Event Date/Time: Feb 28, 2008 End Date/Time: Feb 29, 2008
Early Registration Date: Jan 17, 2008
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A reduction in R&D pipelines and increased competition from generics and me-too drugs has leaders in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries questioning traditional business models and looking towards product lifecycle management strategies at both the beginning of product development and towards the end of a product’s patent life in order to maximize revenue and better manage assets and resources.

Product lifecycle management is a holistic approach to product development, marketing, and sales which is being increasingly used by pharmaceutical and biotech companies to maximize market impact for new therapeutic products.

Arrowhead’s Early Commercial Input and Pharma / Biotech Product Lifecycle Management Strategies brings together leaders from the pharmaceutical and biotech industries to discuss this increasingly important model for success and longevity in the pharmaceutical and biotech marketplaces.

According to research conducted by the consulting firm Capgemini, “more than 90% of senior executives believe that product lifecycle management is important for their future prosperity, with 60% saying its importance will increase significantly in their organizations over the next five years.” This is mostly due to the shrinking number of blockbuster products, weaker pipelines and increased competition from “me too” drugs and generics.

The consulting firm also found that “only 19% of executives believed their companies were currently doing an excellent job in successfully implementing lifecycle management strategies. Thirty five per cent of respondents believe their companies’ efforts rate no better than average, while more than 15% believe they do a poor or very poor job.”

Arrowhead’s Early Commercial Input and Pharma / Biotech Product Lifecycle Management Strategieshas been organized to provide valuable instruction and case studies for companies that need to better familiarize themselves with product lifecycle management strategies. Arrowhead has assembled a team of speakers with expertise in the areas highlighted below to provide burgeoning biotech companies with the tools that are necessary to successfully launch products as well as manage their lifecycles.

- Portfolio analysis
- Drug Delivery technologies as tools for product lifecycle management
- Maintaining pipeline flows
- Reformulation strategies
- Strategies for patent extensions and new indications
- Commercialization strategies
- Alliances and their utility in product lifecycle management
- Product lifecycle management in early stages of drug development
- IP Protection and enforcement
- Asset valuation
- Licensing as a product lifecycle management tool

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