2008 China(Shanghai)International Fire-proofing Technology and Material Exhibition (CFPE2008)

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Location: Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Event Date/Time: Sep 17, 2008 End Date/Time: Sep 19, 2008
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The China (Shanghai) International Industry Exhibition for New Fireproofing Technology and Material 2008
(An Exhibition, Communication Trade and Cooperation of the Fire Protection Industry)

Time: From Sept. 15th to Sept. 19th, 2008
Exhibition Hall: Shanghai New International Expo Center
Venue: No. 2345, Longyang Road Pudong New Area
Approved by: Ministry of Foreign Trade And Economic Cooperation of Shanghai, PRC
Sponsored by: China National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Fireproof Materials,
Architectural Society of China Building Fire Protection Technology Branch,
China Steel Construction Society Fireproof and Antisepsis Branch,
China Flame Retardant Society,
Shanghai Industry And Commerce Exhibition Co. Ltd.
Guests: American Fire Safety Council,
European Flame Retardant Society,
China Municipal Engineering Society,
China Fireproof and Fire Retardant Materials Society,
China Interior Decoration Society,
China Building Materials Industry Society Coating Branch
National Fire Protection Standardization Committee Fireproof Branch,
China Beijing Fire Protection Society Fireproof Branch,
China Architectural Industry Society Fire-refractory Coating Branch,

Organized by: China Flame Retardant Society Exhibition Office,
Shanghai Sihai Exhibition Service Co. Ltd,
Shanghai Industry and Commerce Exhibition Co. Ltd

Checking-in Date: Sept. 15, 2008 Formal Exhibition Period: Sept. 17, 2008
Curtain Time: Sept. 17, 2008 Closing Date: Sept. 19, 2008
With the rapid development of the Chinese economy, the new fireproof technology and materials have been developed a lot since about 20 years ago. Aiming at the better development of fireproof materials and technology, facilitating the communication and cooperation with foreign companies and further promoting the application of such materials and technologies, China (Shanghai) International Industry Exhibition for New Fireproofing Technology and Material 2008 will be open in Shanghai New International Expo Center in September, which will be hold jointly by China Flame Retardant Society, China National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Fireproof Materials, Architectural Society of China, Building Fire Protection Technology Branch, China Steel Construction Society Fireproof and Antisepsis Branch, American Fire Safety Council and European Flame Retardant Society in September, 2008.
The companies from USA, UK, Italy, Germany, France, Israel, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, China Taiwan and China Hong Kong SAR etc. are invited to exhibit and purchase their new products. This exhibition will provide a trade platform for the companies at home and abroad. It is a big event for them to communicate new products and technologies as well as a great opportunity to explore new market and to promote their brands.

Welcome the companies at home and abroad to join this big event!

Scope of Exhibits:
1. Fireproof materials: fireproof pipes, fireproof wires and cables, fire resistant cable, fire-refractory coating, fire-proof sealing material, fire-proof paint, fire-proof ink, water-base fire retarding treatment agents, fireproof box for cables, clapboard, wire and cable fire-proof covering pipes, fire plate, fire retardant ring for the pipes, fire-proof pillow, fire-proof sealing materials, fireproof suit, fire-proof plus material, and all sorts of fire-proof decorative material; refractory steel, refractory fiber, all sorts of refractory / heat-resistant materials and products and all sorts of fireproof raw materials
2. Fireproof buildings and fittings: fire-proof doors and windows, flame-resistant glass, fire curtain, fire bulkhead, fire-proof rolled steel, fire-proof furnishings, fire-proof wallpaper, fire-proof suspended ceiling, fireproof bridges for cables etc.
3. Fire-protection device: fire damper, smoke evacuation fire damper, fire extinguisher, fireproof exhaust fan etc.; Production equipment for fireproof materials, fireproof devices and safety system etc.; fire inspection instruments, fire alarms and relevant fire protection technologies, management software, books and magazines etc.
The Standard booth fees including: (3m×3m) the exhibition position, the carpet, 2.5 meter high wall-boards and fascia board; one table, two chairs, one 220V power socket, two fluorescent lamps and documents for the workshops and meetings.
Fees for the exhibition position:
Standard booth:(9 m2)
3000 USD /Exhibition position/Exhibition period Raw Space booth:(not less than 36m2)
300 USD /m2/Exhibition period
► If the exhibitor chooses a position with two doors, an extra fee of 10% is required.
► The raw space booth are to be hired with non arrangement at least 36 sq. m. Other than that, the exhibitor should pay the fees for management and power consumption.
Exhibition Procedures: fill out the exhibition position application form and mail or fax it to the Organizing Committee with the seal on it. 50% of the earnest money or the whole sum of the exhibition fee should be electronically sent to the China Fireproof Material Exhibition Organizing Committee within three workdays.
► Distribution Principles for the Exhibition Position: First apply and first pay, first served. After the exhibitor has sent the fee, it they should fax the cash remittance to the Organizing Committee for checking.
► The sponsor will send the Exhibitor’s Manual to the exhibitor upon receipt of the Exhibition Application Form and the total exhibition fee. Once the exhibitor applies for the exhibition, the earnest money will not be returned even the exhibitor quit in the middle of the exhibition.
Proceeding Advertisement:
The proceedings will be distributed to the administrative departments, relevant societies, visiting customers, the industry units and relevant organizations both at home and abroad.
Proceeding Cover Back cover Inside front cover Inside back cover Colorful pages Across color page Black and white pages
USD 5000 3500 2300 2000 1500 2300 800
Other Advertisement:
Invitation Cards: USD 2000 /ten thousand
Reticules: USD 3000 / ten thousand Admission Tickets: USD1000 / ten thousand
Exhibition/Visiting Certificate: USD 2000 / ten thousand
Note: (Only two companies are allowed for the above advertisement.)
Technology Communication Seminar: International Forum and the Press Conference of the New Products and Technology
►In exhibition, company can apply to make the Technical seminar and New product and technology conference.
►Foreign enterprises: USD2000/conference/60 minutes
►(Note: Less than one conference is calculated as one. If a seminar is needed, Please fill it in application form. The place, large-screen, audible indicator, Microphone, drinking water and so on are provided)
► In the exhibition, organizing unit will invite authorities of government departments concerned, home and abroad relevant industry association and senior experts and scholars to attend the forum and deliver speech.
► The high specification technical communication will draw on numerous professionals, which will provide a great opportunity for the communication of the advanced technologies and experiences. (For details of the forum, please consult the China Fireproof Material Exhibition Organizing Committee. The arrangement of the meetings, speech contents and personnel need still further notice.
(Note: The participants need to pay a fee of USD400. The international experts will give the lecture.)
The thorough and excellent advertisement will attract the target visitors of the industry.
► We plan to promote this event in many media and advertise on the famous magazines, TV programs and the Internet.
► We will print the invitation cards, admission tickets. We will also invite the foreign and home customers and companies, agents and distributors to visit here and order some products through the forms of sponsorship, organizing and hosting.
► We will invite the foreign customers via their embassies in China and the representative of the chamber of commerce. We will at the same time organize the exhibition with our counterparts.
► We will organize the chief executive officers of the procurement institutions of the foreign governments to pay a visit here. Meanwhile, we will organize the trade societies, chambers of commerce and buyers across China to join this big event.
The other relevant foreign companies and societies will be invited through the foreign societies and organizations.
► After the check-in of this exhibition ends, the Organizing Committee will add more visitors relevant to the exhibitors. The professional trade exhibition and the considerate organization and service are so different from other average exhibitions. The exhibitors will gain a lot here. The organizer will add more service upon your needs.
► For the transportation of the exhibits and the accommodation of the representatives, see the Exhibitor’s Manual.
► Only two units will be invited to be the major sponsors of this big event, for which the A class is charged 30,000USD while the B class is charged 26,000USD. (The compensation clauses are to be determined.)
► We focus on the benefits of the exhibitors and contribute a lot for that. We suggest you participate this exhibition, which will surely enhance your fame in the industry and the worldwide market.
This professional exhibition adopts brand new exhibition forms focusing on the exhibition, trade, business invitation and cooperation. We will create the best business opportunity for all the exhibitors.

China Fireproof Material Industry Exhibition Office:
Address: Room 1607-1608, Building No. Two, Haishangjie Mansion, No.588, Yingkou Road, Shanghai
Post Code: 200433
Contact Person: International Department
Hellen wu 86-13641710818


No. 2345, Longyang Road Pudong New Area