European Fund of Hedge Funds Summit 2008 (Fund of Funds)

Venue: Le Meridien Beach Plaza

Location: Monte Carlo, Monaco

Event Date/Time: Jun 02, 2008 End Date/Time: Jun 04, 2008
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There is no question that fund of hedge funds have enjoyed massive inflows in recent times but many difficult questions remain about their place in the market. A definite potential for the deterioration of alpha generation seems likely and the level of risk the large fund of funds may need to take could well lead to a day of reckoning and a large-scale market correction. At the same time, the level of global liquidity has resulted in falling returns. Furthermore, fund of hedge funds, for a long time enjoyed the privileged position of being the primary investment vehicle for the institutional community into the world of alternatives. Today however, many leading institutional investors are recruiting in-house teams to engage in direct investment in order to avoid double fees and thus the large fund of hedge funds are now facing unprecedented competition and even difficulty justifying their role in the market.

Despite the turmoil however, a solid case can be made for the future of fund of hedge funds. Arguably, they continue to out-perform consultants and in-house investors with fund selection and as consultant fees and the costs associated with hiring and retaining expert staff are not insignificant, they still provide an attractive option for all institutional investors and especially for the small to medium institutions.

If the leading fund of hedge funds are to continue to be the best avenue for the institutional investor, then their success in fund picking is critical. For this reason, among many others, the marcus evans Fund of Hedge Funds Summit will help the leading players maintain their unique value proposition by allowing real and meaningful interaction with the best and brightest emerging managers. Add to this a summit agenda that will explore all of the key issues facing the industry and the event is not to be missed.


Additional Information

Senior executives within large Fund of Hedge Fund are constantly evaluating the “best of breed” boutique and emerging money managers to invest with. These top tier delegates complete an application prior to being admitted to the event. This process ensures we are confirming only the most appropriate potential investors for our sponsors. Once confirmed, these invitations are non-transferable, thus guaranteeing the exclusivity of the event. Attendance includes keynote and case study presentations, one-to-one business meetings, accommodation and meals, plus an opportunity to relax and enjoy the splendid entertainment provided. Delegate Selection Process Our executive delegation is selected according to the following criteria: - Scope of Responsibility - Overall Investment Strategy - Assets Under Management - Level of Interest in New Managers Delegates from major Fund of Hedge Funds will include: - CEOs/Presidents - Managing Partners - Chief Investment Officers - Directors of Research - Senior Portfolio Managers - Senior Portfolio Strategists Delegate Benefits Include: A relaxed yet professional business environment in which to explore new ideas, strategies and developments with industry colleagues, experts and peers A personalised conference and meeting schedule tailored to meet individual needs and provide an effective and efficient use of time Individual pre-arranged meetings with senior representatives of sponsor companies based on requests by the Delegates Keynotes, conference presentations, workshops and seminar sessions designed to meet Delegates needs, led by world-class industry experts and pioneers All conference materials, accommodation, meals and leisure activities for the duration of the event An opportunity to relax and enjoy the venue To ensure the success of Fund of Hedge Funds 2008, marcus evans is pleased to partner with a limited number of emerging money managers offering valuable fund management specialisation. The number of companies in each service category is strictly limited to ensure an appropriate overall balance. Sponsors are represented by their managing executives qualified to meet with the most senior executives at the largest global fund of funds. Fund of Hedge Funds Sponsor Categories Arbitrage - Convertible - Risk - Fixed Income - Derivatives - Merger Transactions Long / Short Equity Event Specific - Distressed Securities - Mergers - Hostile Takeovers - Bankruptcy - Spin-offs Global Macro Emerging Markets