Event Date/Time: Feb 26, 2008 End Date/Time: Feb 27, 2008
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Comply With Regulations To Ensure The Future And Safety Of Your Supply Chain

Given the increasingly sophisticated threats to the U.S. drug supply chain, the pharmaceutical industry must implement necessary security practices into business systems. This is crucial for maintaining product integrity thus protecting profits and ensuring consumer safety. In addition to promoting supply chain safety, these security practices must be adjusted to comply with various federal and state pedigree regulations. Regulatory compliance is a moving target due to the varying laws as well as non-uniform interpretation.

Don’t miss out on your chance to gain a firm understanding of compliance issues! At Secure Pharma 2008 get the opportunity to:

CLARIFY state pedigree requirements to gain a clear picture of what is and isn’t necessary for compliance
LEARN how California’s upcoming pedigree regulations will affect different aspects of the drug supply chain
GAIN insight into technology solutions aimed at helping you comply for federal and state pedigree regulations and maintain a secure supply chain
ADOPT methods to achieve successful cross channel communication and collaboration in a changing industry
DEVELOP partnerships with government agencies to create a heightened level of cooperation with the public sector and gain a better understanding of regulations
REVIEW the latest threats to supply chain security and learn the best tactics to avoid these threats