International Certification on Lean Six Sigma Green Belt & Black Belt (Lean Six Sigma BB Ce)

Venue: Nirmal Lifestyles

Location: Mumbai - 400080, Maharastra, India

Event Date/Time: Jan 14, 2008 End Date/Time: Apr 11, 2008
Registration Date: Jan 10, 2008
Early Registration Date: Dec 06, 2007
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Rath & Strong, founded in 1935 and headquartered in the USA, has been for many years the leading global consultancy in Process Excellence. Many of the tools that are used today in Lean and Six Sigma have their origins in work carried out by Rath & Strong, who were also one of the first consulting companies in the world to combine change management with Six Sigma.

Rath & Strong offers consulting, training and coaching in the full range of business process improvement methodologies, including Lean, Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma and GE Work-out. Their GB & BB curriculum is highly regarded and covers state-of-the-art advancements in the field of Lean and Six Sigma. It combines their simple and down-to-earth teaching methods with live simulations and case studies.

Rath & Strong¡¦s prestigious Fortune 500 clients include Pfizer, Microsoft, Alstom, JP Morgan, British Petroleum and Johnson & Johnson.

Program Overview:

Lean Six Sigma deployment, has, over the past fifteen years or so, become accepted as the best means for improving profitability through operational excellence. Strategies such as increased customer satisfaction, fewer errors and rework, shorter lead times and reduced waste can all be effectively achieved through this approach.

The program focuses on the areas that have the greatest strategic leverage to the company, and creates lasting improvement through the widespread involvement of operational employees in the effort.

Until now, the Rath & Strong program has been available only to their corporate clients, and this course is the first time it has been made available for open enrollment.

SSA has a rich experience in applying Lean Six Sigma in many transactional and service industries in India which is reflected in this course design.

Rath & Strong has teamed up with Six Sigma Alchemy to create a course that is tailored to the needs of Indian businesses, including:

o Six Sigma and Lean, blended together in a seamless fashion, using the powerful DMAIC methodology as the overall course structure
o A strong bias towards transactional and service industries, an area in which both companies have considerable experience.
o An affordable, Excel-based tool will be used for graphical and statistical analysis
o Powerful process simulation and activity-based costing tools, which can achieve large savings in service and transactional processes.
o A technique for using DMAIC in a simplified manner, which can be taught in a day and rolled out to all employees
o A guide to selecting projects and deploying Lean Six Sigma
The course is designed to enable participants to choose to qualify as a Green Belt or a Black Belt. The Green Belt curriculum will be covered during the first two weeks, and the optional third and fourth weeks (Bridge Black Belt) provide the additional powerful tools needed to achieve the status of Black Belt.

Why This Course? / How this course is different?

1. Learn While You Play!
You will learn Lean concepts through Rath & Strong¡¦s famous ¡§Move-It¡¨ simulation - available for the first time in India.. It is a unique hands¡Von simulation of a real life service / transactional industry which is a fun-cum-learning exercise. ¡§Move-It¡¨ has been used successfully in all of Rath & Strong¡¦s global client¡¦s training.

2. Lean Six Sigma To Go:
Often, the questions in the minds of CEOs is ¡§How to train & encourage junior level employees to apply six sigma to solve grass root level problems?¡¨. To answer this question, Rath & Strong has developed a unique package called ¡§Lean Six Sigma To Go¡¨ which is the perfect way to spread Six Sigma culture at the grass root level. This crash-course is included in the Green Belt program.

3. Statistical Software:
The Green Belt programme covers graphical and statistical analysis through SigmaXL. The participants will be given a free licensed copy of the software worth Rs 8000 in addition to hands on training in its use.
The additional two weeks for Black Belt training uses Minitab, for which a 30 day trail license will be provided for the purpose.

4. Process Simulation Techniques:
Training on process simulation techniques with hands-on in software is covered for the first time in India for Activity based Costing in transactional processes. Automated process Simulation is the major lever for breakthrough improvements while applying lean six sigma. This course offers learning on VSM techniques with a hands-on in iGrafx software which is used by many fortune 100 companies.

5. Project Support:
The participants can apply their learning & start benefiting from the course by selecting a project and taking the guidance from our expert coaches. Coaching on the project for each participant with limited engagement between each weeks of training is available.

6. Deployment Roadmap:
Rath & Strong and Six Sigma Alchemy have a rich experience of deploying Six Sigma initiatives for a variety of Indian and multinational companies. The programme covers the merits & demerits of different six sigma deployment approaches to avoid possible pit falls.

7. Rath & Strong Lean Six Sigma Pocket Book:
Rath & Strong is known for their popular six sigma reference guides which are found with many six sigma champions. In this course you will get a free copy of their pocket book, which will be an excellent reference during your project.

8. Faculty:
The course will be jointly delivered by internationally acknowledged faculties, who have been consulting multinational companies worldwide.

9. Certificates will be issued by Rath & Strong, USA / UK.
Certification criteria include 100% attendance and 70% score to be obtained in the exam conducted on the last day of the course. An additional Project completion Certificate can be achieved by candidates who complete a project.

Scope of Training:

In line with the international practices, this programme covers both the theory and application of Lean Six Sigma. It presents cases from transaction based industries and uses them as syndicate exercise during the training session to demonstrate applicability of Lean Six Sigma DMAIC methodology. The curriculum aims at creating a matured Six Sigma change agent who can model and apply Lean Six Sigma to real life breakthrough improvement projects.

Who should attend?
a. Green & Blackbelts of classical six sigma approach who wish to upgrade their skills in transaction Lean approach.
b. Business Excellence Heads
c. QA Managers
d. Improvement Managers
e. Senior Managers

Principal Faculties:
a. David Hampton VP ¡VRath & Strong
b. N C Narayanan MD-Six Sigma Alchemy

To Register: Six Sigma Alchemy (P) Ltd, 725/726, Corporate Centre, Nirmal Lifestyles, LBS Marg, Mulund (W), Mumbai ¡V 400080. Ph: 91+22+25652448 / 25652448
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Six Sigma Alchemy P Ltd, 725, Corporate Park, Nirmal Lifestyles, LBS Marg, Mulund W

Additional Information

Programme Schedule: Week 1 „» 14- 18 Jan 2008 Week 2 „³ 11-15 Feb 2008 Week 3 „³ 10-14 Mar 2008 Week 4 „» 07-11 Apr 2008