Venue: Harokopeio University Capus, Athens

Location: ATHENS, Greece

Event Date/Time: May 16, 2008 End Date/Time: May 18, 2008
Registration Date: May 01, 2008
Early Registration Date: Feb 22, 2008
Abstract Submission Date: Feb 22, 2008
Paper Submission Date: May 05, 2008
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The Institute of International Economic Relations,

is pleased to announce the organization of its



The International Economy in the 21th Century:
Towards Globalization or Regionalization?

16-18 May 2008, Athens, Greece

(Languages: Greek or English)


The main Conference objective is to analyze the relationship between global and regional dynamics within the world economy. These two phenomena are not mutually-exclusive concepts but rather different approaches that guide current trends in the world economy. In order to critically assess this claim, the Conference will concentrate on topics that deal with the problematique of the role of globalization and regionalism in world economy developments from various approaches and perspectives.


What follows represents an indicative, though not exclusive, list of possible topics:

1. Contemporary International Political Economy, globalisation and the world economy
• Theoretical trends in the international political economy on globalization
• Globalization and contemporary trends in the world economy
• Causes and consequences of globalization in the world economy

2. Regional Integration, regionalism and interregionalism
• The regional integration of economic, political and financial factors and actors, and their interaction with the world economy
• The impact of Regionalism on a globalised world and the question of multilateralism
• Interregionalism as a new challenge to the world economic system
• The development of "global cities"

3. The global economic system
• Alterations in the nature of booms and downturns in the global economic system
• Current risks in the word economy
• The road from hyperinflation to deflation and the dangers accruing from that development
• Technology and changes in the production structures

4. Global governance
• Structural Changes in the Global Economy
• Cooperation among international organisations and creation of functional networks
• Global governance and global civil society building
• Regulatory powers of national governments in a globalised economy

5. From International to Global Trade.
• The evolving global trade environment and its implications for the world economy
• Intra-regional trade liberalization: economic evaluation and political feasibility
• International Commercial Policy and the Global Trade System
• The future of global trade

6. The International Monetary and Financial System
• The global structure of the international financial system
• Globalisation and monetary crises
• The role of the IMF and the World Bank
• Regional monetary cooperation schemes

7. State Policies and Business: Competition between States and Firms?
• Foreign Direct Investment, Multinational Corporations and the transformation of the state’s role in the economy.
• The endless competition between states and firms.
• States , Markets and regional cooperation
• Regionalism, Globalization and MNE-State Relations: New Views from international business and the IPE

8. Economic Security and Global Economy
• Energy and global stability
• Environment and economic development
• Corporate Social Responsibility and international business
• Money laundering in an era of uncontrollable financial transactions

9. Economic Diplomacy
• Economic diplomacy and foreign policy
• Means and tools
• Economic Diplomacy and International Business Diplomacy
• Effectiveness of international sanctions
• Greek economic diplomacy

10. The IPE of Hunger, Inequality, and Poverty
• Rich and poor states in the world economy and global inequalities
• Understanding of the causes and dynamics of poverty
• Poverty Reduction in Conflict and Fragile States

11. The need for even development and global economic aid
• The political economy of the North-South conflict
• The politics and the future of development assistance
• Multinational Corporations policies and Foreign Direct Investment: impact on development
• Regionalised and Inter-regionalised Development
12. Human Security
• Immigration as an opportunity for multi-cultural osmosis and as a possible threat to national economic and social cohesion
• human trafficking/forced labour and their impact on local economies
• Peace building and reconstruction: means and methods
• The human, geographic, social and economic boundaries of war in the modern era
13. Environmental Security
• Global Environmental Change (GEC) and global economy
• Impact(s) of Climate Change on Global Food and Water Systems
• Climate change impact on the international transportation system
• Regional cooperation for the protection of the environment
14. The role of NGO’s and international civil society
• The role of the new social movements and the anti globalisation movement
• NGO engagement in global governance and global civil society building
• Strengthening international civil society in the Era of Globalization
• Potentials and problems associated with the involvement of local grassroots movements in transnational advocacy networks

15. The European Union in the Global Economic System
• The external economic relations of EU and its role in the international economy
• Inter-regionalism and the EU
• Euro-Atlantic economic relations
• The EU and international economic institutions

The organizers intend to publish a number of selected Conference’s papers in a special edited volume, while other papers will be published in “Agora Without Frontiers” (the Quarterly scientific journal of the Institute of International Economic Relations) and the Institute’s website after scholarly peer review.


A call for papers in now open for anyone interested in the above. A synopsis/abstract of about 300-400 words should be sent by 22 February 2008. It should include: the paper argument, its theoretical approach, its findings and its methodology. All synopsis/abstracts must also include: the author(s)’ last and first names, affiliation and position, address, telephone and fax, as well as necessarily their email address.
Selected applicants will be informed by 3 March 2008 so that they can complete their papers accordingly. The written papers must be sent by 5 May 2008 (in English or in Greek). The Programme Committee might confirm acceptance of submissions before the deadline. Therefore, early submission is recommended.
All papers must be original contributions (not already published or submitted to other conferences or journals/books).


The conference fee is € 130 (euro). For Ph. D candidates the fee is €50. The fee is inclusive of refreshments, documentation and two lunches. The conference fee is payable in advance and should be received no later than on 1 May 2008. After that date the registration fee is € 200 and for Ph. D candidates €90. Payments should be made by bank transfer to:
GR- 14, Panepistimiou Str.
Account name: Association of SA and Limited Liability Companies
International Bank Account Number (IBAN) : GR09 0140 10301030 0232 0004 610

22 February 2008………….call for papers deadline
3 March 2008……….selected applicants will be notified accordingly
1 May 2008………final confirmation of participation – fee payment due: € 110. After that day the fee participation would be €200.

5 May 2008..……..Written papers deadline
16 May 2008…… Conference begins
18 May 2008……… Conference ends

CONFERENCE VENUE: Athens, Greece, Harokopeion University

English or Greek

Please submit papers proposals together with full contact details to:

Ms Stella Miliotis or Mr. Anastasis Valvis
Conference Organisation Officers
FAX: 0030 -210- 3626610
TEL.: 0030- 210- 3620274
0030- 210- 3636326
0030- 210- 3622790

Institute of International Economic Relations
16, Panepistimiou st.
Athens 106 72


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