2008 Vibrant Womens Conference & Expo (Vibrant Women's Conf)

Venue: Hilton Rialto

Location: Melbourne, Florida, United States

Event Date/Time: Apr 19, 2008 End Date/Time: Apr 19, 2008
Registration Date: Apr 15, 2008
Early Registration Date: Jan 15, 2008
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What is the Vibrant Women's Conference?

A day FOR YOU filled with workshops, connections and resources that will inspire your personal & professional growth and help you to maximize your talents and achieve your life dreams. Our team of expert presenters will lead you through an exciting series of workshops that will help you EVISION YOUR DREAMS, EMPOWER YOURSELF AND ENRICH your life!

A percentage of the proceeds from this event will go to Zonta. Zonta International is a global service organization of executives and professionals working together to advance the status of women worldwide through service and advocacy.
Why should you attend the Vibrant Women’s Conference?
You Will:

Realize your personal & professional goals faster
Connect & share experiences with like-minded women
Get new ideas for your life, career, home, health, and wealth
Acquire latest tools & thought processes for success
Break through barriers that may have stopped you in the past
Enjoy uplifting, motivating messages from experts in various fields
Rejuvenate yourself and reap the rewards !

Our Mission:

The Vibrant Women's Conference seeks to empower women of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles in their self development and to provide skills training that will assist them in leading their most vibrant, successful lives, both personally & professionally.

1) Provide opportunities for women to learn the latest information & success skills that enhance their lives and allow for realization of their goals
2) Inspire and empower women to be the architects of their own vibrant, successful lives
3) Develop leadership qualities in women through their values & passions
4) Enhance awareness of how women can improve the quality of their lives
5) Increase awareness of the resources available to women
6) Promote collaboration among women, women's organizations & businesses
7) Develop opportunities for networking
8) Bring women of all lifestyles and diverse backgrounds together
9) Raise money for women's charities, such as Zonta
10) Foster a celebration of women


200 Rialto Place
United States

Additional Information

Note: This year we have added more time for the EXPO and networking! 2008 VWC Schedule Sat. April 19th, 2008 Workshops & Expo Agenda Ticket includes coffee, lunch, snack, workbook, 9 workshops, Expo and door prizes galore! 7:30-8:30am Registration & EXPO 8:30-9:15am Edie Rather 8:30-9:15am #1 Kick Your Dreams into Action -Edie Raether Why does soaring begin with a fear of flying? What would you be doing if you knew you couldn’t fail? Learn to transform your positive feelings into powerful actions. Experience the empowerment of Edie’s board-breaking exercise. See how to motivate the unmotivated. Develop success strategies, vision, purpose and beliefs that lead to change and personal empowerment. You’ll leave this workshop ready for the day and positioned for success! 9:15-9:30am EXPO, BREAK & Door Prize Drawings 9:30-10:15am Shannon Meyer 9:30-10:15am #2 Communication for Better Business & Life -Shannon Meyer, President, Palm Bay/Melbourne Area Chamber of Commerce Shannon will facilitate a great experience in learning the latest information and skills in communitions that will help improve your business, business relationships & in your daily interactions w/ others. This workshop will help you deal w/ the difficult to deal with people in your life. Great Communication skills can accelerate your career! 10:15-10:30am EXPO, BREAK & Door Prize Drawings 10:30-11:15am Donna Johnson 10:30-11:15am #3 Find Your A.I.M.: Forming Alliances In Mentoring -Donna Johnson Donna’s workshop on mentoring provides the insight needed to put you on the path to effectively identify and utilize professional mentors. You will gain an awareness of mentoring and coaching and how combining both can be a powerful formula to take your ambitions to the next level. Now is the time to put the mentoring alliance at the forefront of your career strategy. Participants will walk away with the Seven Steps to Finding and Forming Their A.I.M. 11:15-11:30 EXPO, BREAK & Door Prize Drawings 11:30-12:15pm Mary Ellen Troilo 11:30-12:15pm #4 Maximize your credit score & prevent ID theft -Mary Ellen Troilo This is an informative workshop that will review what makes up a credit score. We will also review what identity theft/fraud is and how it occurs. We will introduce preventative measures that you can take in addition to what steps to take in the event that you are a victim of this crime. At the completion of the presentation, we will have an interactive question and answer session. 12:15-12:45pm EXPO, LUNCH & NETWORKING 12:45-1:15pm Bonnie Rogers 12:45-1:15pm #5 Dress for Success Style Show & Workshop -Bonnie Rogers This workshop is designed to teach 1) the basics of how to design a professional, versatile wardrobe based on personal coloring, style and body shape and 2) the how to’s in moving from the basics to creating the entire package look. After this workshop participants will be looking great and upstaging their competition. Dress 4 Success Style Show will feature fashions from: Cabi Clothing & Weekender's Fashions 1:15-1:30pm EXPO, BREAK & Door Prize Drawing 1:30-2:15pm Dr. Audrey Zavodsky 1:30-2:15pm #6 Overcoming Odds With Competence -Dr. Audrey Zavodsky Race Car Driving Champion & PhD, Dr. Audrey brings a wealth of experience from corporate America and the hard knocks of being a top performer in a male dominated sport. She currently works in Dearborn, Michigan at Ford Motor Company's National Headquarters. She has her Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems, an M.S.in Administration and a BS in Nursing. Dr. Audrey knows about "Overcoming Odds with Competence" as one of the top women on the racing circuit. Audrey has been a Featured Speaker for the NFL Superbowl in 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004. You will want to be part of her workshop, which promises to help you Overcome Your Obstacles with Competence and start your engine for being a winner! 2:15-2:30pm EXPO, BREAK & Door Prize Drawings 2:30-3:15pm Elizabeth Hess Stamper 2:30-3:15pm #7 Self-Esteem & Beyond: The Power of Knowing & Cherishing Who You Are -Elizabeth Hess Stamper We live in an age where we are constantly being encouraged to “Know thyself,” AND we’re also given countless, confusing and contradictory messages every day about who and what that “self” is or should be. We live in a culture that teaches how important self-esteem is AND that our self-worth is determined by inner and outer factors and conditions, many of which are impossible to achieve or maintain. Let’s learn some simple and practical ways to explore the parts of us that need peace (and will never be perfect), and find the Part inside that already is the Peace that we need to feel, and the Perfection that we need to own. 3:15-3:30pm EXPO, BREAK & Door Prize Drawings Dr. Eileen Volpe 3:30-4:15pm #8 Dancing Through the Life Stages of a Woman -Dr. Eileen Volpe With her medical training Dr. Volpe addresses the most common concerns women have during the various stages of their lives. It begins looking at adolescent issues, then follows to the childbearing stage, addressing: infertility, childbirth and birth control options. For midlife women, the workshop serves to define what menopause is, when it occurs, identifies the most common signs and symptoms, and offers lifestyle and medical treatment options. In conclusion, challenges facing elder women are addressed, offering suggestions to ease their transition into this final stage. Birth control and hormones are discussed & demonstrated, followed by Q & A time. 4:15-4:20pm Grand Prize Cash Drawing 4:20-5:05pm Dr. Wanda Bethea 4:20-5:05pm #9 Getting from Life’s Basement to the Balcony -Dr. Wanda Bethea Have you admired, possibly even been jealous of other women because they seemed to have “it” all together? Have those other women’s clothes, car, life style or business made you ask, “Why can’t I?” Do you think you are flawed, not fabulous and unfortunate? This workshop is for women no matter what age, race, background, schooling or status. Whether you are a house wife, single, executive, manager or partially employed, you can understand, learn and identify how to get from the basement of your life to the balcony, if that’s where you’d like to be. Having “it” is really up to you! 5:05-5:30 Vibrant Womens Awards & Wrap-up with Final Prize Drawings