Demonstrating the Strategic Importance of Internal Communication

Venue: Melbourne

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Event Date/Time: Feb 13, 2008
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For internal communication to operate to its potential within an organisation it is essential to have business-wide support and employee engagement, from the top level down.

The challenge for internal communicators is to first establish an understanding amongst senior management, stakeholders and company employees of the value internal communication contributes to the organisation, and then to follow up on this by demonstrating tangible results. By clearly delineating the ways in which internal communication meets business objectives and delivers return on investment, it is possible to shift the perception of internal communication so that it is seen as playing as strategic role rather than an operational one.

With effective strategic recognition in place, internal communicators can then improve their communication framework by focusing on common challenges such as providing effective change communication during transitional periods, enhancing the communication skills of leaders and middle managers, developing innovative communication channels, and meeting the ultimate goal of engaging the organisation.

This conference will integrate practical case studies, interactive sessions and workshops to help you with:

* Demonstrating the real value internal communication contributes to an organisation
* Enhancing the profile internal communication professionals and the active role they play
* Implementing change communication frameworks
* Getting leaders and middle managers to get actively involved in communication
* Gaining organisation-wide engagement through effective communication strategies