UMA Conference 2008 - 14th/15th January 2008 - London (UMA Conference 2008)

Venue: London

Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Jan 14, 2008 End Date/Time: Jan 15, 2008
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14th/15th January 2008, London

The aim of UMA is that it enables you as a GSM mobile operator to offer fully converged connectivity using your existing core network. Your subscribers will seamlessly roam from your cellular network to a WLAN, maintaining the call as they move from one to the other. If UMA happens then true seamless fixed, mobile roaming could be a reality for GSM operators. By attending this unique industry event, you will understand how it can work for you.

Key speakers at this event come from companies such as:
- Orange
- BT
- Turkcell
- Motorola
- Kineto
- Verisign
- Ericsson
Plus many more.....

As cellular operators increase the variety of services and applications they offer to their customers the issue of in-building coverage increases in significance. Also, all mobile carriers aim to accelerate the fixed to mobile substitution trend. Both dual-mode handsets and home base-stations will be used by operators to enable them fulfill their strategies. This report compares a dual-mode handset service such as UMA with femto-cells which will become commercially available before the end of the year 2007.

Key issues discussed at this conference include:
• Although UMA technology is already available and deployed by a number of cellular carriers it is not yet used with 3G. The UMA standard will not be fully compliant with UMTS before the end of the year by which time home base-stations will have been made commercial. A large number of UMA enabled 3G handsets is not expected and therefore it seems that femto-cells which can work with all UMTS terminals have an advantage when it comes to 3G.
• Pricing strategies for both UMA and femto-cell services
• Will there be applications specific to femto-cells which will initially relate to presence based activation
• Will Femto-cells be used with standards beyond HSPA and as some vendors claim using home base-stations first, carriers can delay their investment in macro-cell infrastructure.
• Although femto-cells are expected to have a negative overall effect on the dual-mode handset market will both technologies be expected to survive with new handover techniques based on SIP such as VCC emerging.

Key questions will be answered at this senior networking event – such as:
1. Exactly how many femtocells will be in operation till 2012
2. How to target the market for UMA & femtocells?
3. Which platforms and networks will be most successful in UMA
4. Which services, features and opportunities UMA and femtocells will support?
5. Who your major competitors and partners will be in this market?
6. What are the opportunities, drivers and threats for producers and operators?

Who will read this report? Directors, VP and Senior managers in:
- Mobile/ Cellular carriers and operators
- Fixed/ landline/ broadband carriers
- Infrastructure vendors
- Femtocell access point vendors
- Wi-Fi vendors
- Semiconductor manufacturers
- Software vendors

Plus interactive workshop on:
16th January 2008

HomeZone 2.0
Led by: Steven ShawAssociate Vice President of Marketing, Kineto


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Conference Schedule

09:00 Registration and refreshments

09:30 Chair’s opening remarks oVeRVIew oN UMA

09:40 Significance of UMA
• Why is UMA an important step in the move operators make towards FMC
• How can operators reduce costs by deploying femtocell?
• Realise the exploitation of cellular carriers of the growth on wireless LAN
• Find out how UMA supports the UMTS core network interfaces
Peter Jennings, Networks & Enterprise EMEA, Motorola

10:20 Market opportunities and requirements for growth
• What is the role and current status for UMA in the mobile industry?
• Identify the factors that are driving UMA in the mobile industry
• Find out the current market situation
• Why is UMA considered to be a cost effective way to add capacity and coverage to an operator’s cellular network?
Steven Shaw, Associate Vice President of Marketing, Kineto

11.00 Morning refreshments & Discussion

11:20 11:20 – UMA and IMS – Are they actually conflicting?

• Find out whether UMA & IMS is a conflicting or complimentary technologies?
• Identify why UMA doesn’t use SIP
• Can operators use UMA while deploying IMS?
• Explore the complementary roles of UMA & IMS in fixed mobile convergence

Speaker TBC

12.00 Panel Discussion – Benefits and barriers
• Identify the challenges and barriers in implementing the UMA services
• Recognize the fi nancial barriers in deploying the UMA
• Discover the barriers faced by operators while entering in the broadband market

12:40 Networking luncheon


14:00 Accelerating convergence through UMA
• Examining UMA technologies suitable for FMC assessing their longevity
• Comparing the migration from UMA to more robust FMC solutions in terms of time and cost:- femtocell - 2G / 3G - I-WLAN
• Examining how UMA can be tailored to deliver 3G services
• Weighing up whether operators should deploy FMC using UMA or wait for IMS
Emmanuel Dujardin, UMA project manager, Orange

14:40 Understanding the young Customer Hothousing
• How are young people different, what are their key issues and why are these people so important?
• Find out what young people brought to BT’s 21st century next generation product and service development, and what has BT gained from this?
• How do we pay for the next generation services when these customers want it for ‘free’
• How is this a tremendous global opportunity?
Tony Houghton, Head of BT Understanding the Young Customer Programme, BT

15:20 Afternoon refreshments

15:40 how do IMS and VCC go with UMA?
• IMS, UMA - two main standardised architectural approaches to enabling FMC
• Primary FMC driver for enterprises is a potential gain in productivity
• Is the primary driver for consumers less cost?
• Why is UMA not fl exible for adding new innovative services
• What does IMS and SIP provide with regards to mobile services
• How are new and future applications being developed?
Mehul Shah, Consulting Manager – incode, Verisign

16:20 Operators Perspective - Turkcell

• UMA Vs Femtocell solutions
• A review on the other solutions
• Why they are important for the operators
• Comparison and SWOT
• Deployment scenarios
• Regulatory environment
Bülent Yilmaz, Senior R&D Engineer, Turkcell

17:00 Chairperson closing remarks

Close of Day 1 and Networking Drinks.
Meet your fellow delegates in a relaxed business environment - Share a drink with them and generate buisness leads.

Day 2
09:30 Chair’s opening remarks

09:40 UMA vs Femtocells
• Introduction to femtocells
• UMA and the other standards for core network integration
• Enabling multimedia services through UMA
• Experiences of femtocell deployments
Will Franks, CTO and Founder, Ubiquisys

10.20 UMA vs VCC
• Can UMA and VCC be viewed as alternatives to one another?
• Why is VCC said to be IMS-centric?
• How can operators choose between UMA & VCC?
• Which is the technology for mobile operators to accelerate fixed-mobile substitution?
Arnab Das, Director, Aricent

11.00 Morning refreshments

11.20 Panel discussion: FMC Service with UMA devices

• Determine the uptake of FMC service by a multi-mode handset
• How does UMA get to dominate the other technologies
• Find out its future prospects
• What are the factors that are to be considered to make a choice between UMA, SIP & IMS?

12.00 VoIP responding to challenges faced by FMC services
• What sort of FMC services are out there today?
• What types of services are provided?
• What are end-user preferences for FMC features?
• Technical implications for delivery of FMC solutions (UMA, SIP, IMS etc...)
• Current operator examples of FMC in action and end-user case studies
Mike Wilkinson, Marketing director EMEA, BroadSoft
a top Inc. 5,000 company, launched their VoIP Business Services with Cable & Wireless, and they have also been voted as Communications Solutions “Product of the Year.�

12:40 Networking luncheon

UMA in relative to GSM Network and other FMC initiatives
14.00 Panel Discussion - UMA complements UMTS.
• How does UMA complement UMTS
• Find out its future innovation
• UMA delivers IMS services over WLAN Access
• Could WLAN internetworking complement UMA?
• Why should some operators prefer VCC over UMA?

14:40 HomeZone 2.0
• What are the drivers for the HomeZone services?
• What is the importance of using the internet service delivery?
• What are the opportunities for Vodafone in delivering a HomeZone service?
• How do femtocells play into Vodafone’s long term plan?
Keith Mumford Product Marketing, EMEA, Kineto

15:20 Afternoon refreshments

15.40 Security in next generation multimedia networks
• FMC and the new multimedia network
• Identify the need for security in the new multimedia network
• What is the need for high performance security products?
• Security as a source of income
• What Clavister does in this scenario?
John Vestberg, CTO, Clavister

16:20 UMA SWOT analysis on the current scene
• Which of the strengths of UMA technology will allow it to make a market impact?
• Identify the weakness that we see, that might hinder this
• Are there any threats to UMA as a major FMC technology?
• Identify the opportunities for UMA with regards to the current market situation
Claus Lindholt Hansen, General Manager UMA Solutions, Ericsson

17:00 Chairperson’s closing remarks

17:15 Close of Conference

- Booking your place -
- 2 day Conference only ticket - available for only GBP £1299
- Worshop only ticket - available for only GBP£499
- All 3 days with access to full conference and workshop - available for only GBP1699
- If you would like to send more than 1 person then take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer. Send 3 people but only pay for 2. Excellent networking opportunities.

- How to book -
Ordering is simple! All you need to do to book your place is contact William. You can either call me on TEL: +44 (0)207 549 9962 or email mailto:

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