Event Date/Time: Feb 07, 2008 End Date/Time: Feb 09, 2008
Registration Date: Jan 30, 2008
Early Registration Date: Jan 10, 2008
Abstract Submission Date: Dec 26, 2007
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International Workshop on Bioprocess Engineering
The international workshop will provide an opportunity to know and discuss the latest trends in Bioprocess Engineering with international experts from Center for Bioremediation, University of South Australia, Australia; Tropical Medical Biological Institute, Marburg, Germany; Management Development Institute of Singapore, Singapore; Department of Biology, University of Warwick, UK; Center for Bioconversion, University of Georgia, USA; and Center for Biotechnology, Michigan State University, USA. In addition, experts from leading institutions in this area of research will present their work on “Biotechnological Tool for Solid and Liquid Organics”.

National Conference on Plant-made Pharmaceutical and Industrial Proteins.
Feasibility of using plants as a host for the production of recombinant proteins was demonstrated as early as in 1986 by producing human growth hormone in tobacco callus. Later, several human therapeutic proteins, nutritional proteins, recombinant antibodies, subunit vaccines, and industrial proteins were successfully overexpressed in plants. Few of them were produced and purified on commercial scale, and are already in the market and several of them are in the pipeline. Commercialization of plant-made recombinant proteins comes mainly from the United States. There are several advantages and unique opportunities for India and other developing countries for using plants as bioreactor to make recombinant proteins. There are some research groups in India working in this area but we are far from commercialization of plant-made recombinant proteins. The main aim of the conference is to bring together all the scientists in India, from academic institutions and industry, who are working on expressing recombinant proteins in any plant or plant tissue, to showcase their work and discuss research problems and prospects with leading international experts in this field.

National conference on Proteomics
The understanding of probably half-a-million human proteins encoded by less than 30,000 genes is still a long way away and the hard work to unravel the complexity of biological systems is yet to come. The discipline of proteomics complements physical genomic research and helps in qualitative and quantitative comparison of proteomes under different conditions to further unravel biological processes. The National Conference on Proteomics will provide an opportunity to discuss the latest trends in Protein biology with experts researching in this field.

National Conference on Prospects and Challenges in Food Processing
The main objective of the conference is to impart knowledge and exchange new ideas and techniques among the researchers in the various fields of food processing and preservation. The technical program of the conference consists of invited talks by eminent scientists, researchers, and industrialists. A separate poster session for students will be arranged during the conference.

National Conference on Improving Health Care using Sophisticated Medical Equipments
It is designed to bring together students, scientists of Biomedical Engineering, medical doctors, and researchers for panel discussions, technical sessions, and informal extended exchange of reviews about the vital roll of various medical equipments in providing improved patient’s health care. The technical program of the conference consists of invited talks by eminent scientists, researchers, and medical doctors. A separate poster session for students will be arranged during the conference.


SRM Nagar, Kattankulathur-603203
Tamil Nadu

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Delegates from outside India: Faculty/Delegates: $ 500 Research scholars: $ 500 Students: $ 250 Industry: $ 1000 Guests: $ 500 For Indian Delegates: Faculty/Delegates: Rs. 500 Research scholars: Rs. 500 Students: Rs. 250 Industry: Rs. 5000 Guests: Rs. 500