Event Date/Time: Jan 29, 2008 End Date/Time: Jan 31, 2008
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Enabling the high confidence, real-time application of tactical options and weapons in the Area of Responsibility

The prevention of fratricide is a high priority. However, the ability to manoeuvre without restraint and engage targets is one of the most important capabilities that a well designed and integrated Combat ID system can facilitate. However, the balance has to be struck between technology and training, and with limited resources, the military must very often attempt to do the best with what it has. How are you responding to this challenge?

Taking place in London, January 29th-31st, Defence IQ’s Combat Identification event will deliver a host of case studies and updates to keep you abreast of your counterparts’ activities and use of combat identification technologies and procedures. The event brings together the leading individuals from military and civilian identification programmes, the key innovators from industry and the most respected academics in the field to analyse and discuss latest developments, challenges and opportunities that have emerged in this area over the last 12 months. The primary topics to be addressed will include:

•Ex Bold Quest: What are the results from the recent exercise? Where does the community go from here?

•Target ID, Situational Awareness and TTPs: Is the balance being struck successfully? What are the advancements being made in blue, red and grey force tracking? How can training reduce fratricide?

•Human Factors: What is the psychological process that a soldier goes through when preparing to fire? Do current Combat ID systems take this vital concept into account?

•Technological Developments: What are the latest developments in technology for Combat Identification and force tracking? Is the architecture behind it sufficient for multinational interoperability?

Combat Identification 2008 is the only event in Europe this year to bring together the right people to discuss these critical issues and offer insight into the most important programmes and strategies.


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