The Third International New Flame-retarding Technology and Flame-retarding Material Industry Exhibit (2008 CFRS)

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Location: Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Event Date/Time: Sep 17, 2008 End Date/Time: Sep 19, 2008
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Exhibition Schedule:
Check in: Sep.15th-16th , 2008
Formal exhibition: Sep.17th , - 19th , 2008
Curtain Time: Sep.17th , 2008
Date of breaking up: Sep.19th£¬2008
Scope of Exhibits:
Auxiliary of flame-retarding: new type flame retardant, anti-fog, anlistatig, antimicrobial agent, ultraviolet stabilizer and other auxiliaries and flame-retarding materials.
Flame-retarding materials: flame-retarding textile, flame-retarding fiber, flame-retarding decoration material, flame-retarding carpet, flame-retarding blanketry, flame-retarding fabric, flame-retarding lumber, decoration board, soft foam/hard foam of flame-retarding polyurethane, products after flame-retarding; flame-retarding/fire proof coating, plastic of flame-retarding engineering, flame-retarding wire cable material, flame-retarding insulation material, new fire proof material, new flame-retarding material and relevant auxiliary materials and so on.


No. 2345, Longyang Road, Pudong New Area

Additional Information

Using new flame retardant and new flame-retarding material in the field of national economy meets the instruction from the central government on ¡°nipping a thing in the bud¡±. The premise of ensuring the safety of life of peoples and resources of the state is a preventive measure that is earlier than fire fighting measure and it is not necessary for domestic and international market to doubt such demand. In order to implement the strict requirement stipulated by the Fire Bureau of Ministry of Public Security of China, all-round pursuance and realization of control to flame-retarding products as well as implementation of mandatory national standard of ¡°Requirements and Marks on Burning Behavior of Flame-retarding Products and Subassemblies in Public Place¡± ( GB20286£­2006), enforce to use flame-retarding products in public place will be further promoted. Since July 1st , 2008, according to the requirement by the Fire Bureau of Ministry of Public Security, any products which fail to meet conditions of ¡°Requirements and Marks on Burning Behavior of Flame-retarding Products and Subassemblies in Public Place¡± must be inspected by the fire department, and all the unqualified products after examination shall not be approved. The enforcement of such a requirement will definitely bring a bright prospect to China¡¯s flame-retarding industry. Since the successful holding of the former two international exhibitions of flame-retarding products in Shanghai, nearly 30,000 professional visitors were attracted within a few days. The exhibitions covered an area of over 12,000 M2, displayed flame retardants, flame-retarding materials, flame-retarding textiles and the related products from European countries and Chinese Taiwan, Hong Kong and inland cities. Advance with the times, market is the soil for the enterprise to exist. On the request of domestic and foreign enterprise, ¡°The Third Industry Exhibition for International New Flame-retarding Technology and Flame-retarding Material of China¡± will be hold in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center in September,2008, undertaken by China Flame Retardant Society together with European Flame Retardant Association and Fire Retardant Chemicals Association. This exhibition will invite foreign delegates to exhibit and also foreign industry associations will organize purchasing groups. It will provide a new displaying and communicating platform for more domestic and foreign enterprises to exhibit new technology of flame retardant, new products and new materials. Furthermore, It will be a grand assembly with novel contents and unlimited business opportunities, on which not only new products will be exhibited and technology be exchanged from home and abroad, it will also be definitely a great chance for the related enterprises in developing market and building up their brand images.