Writing Effective Tender Report and Proposal

Venue: Grand Sukhumvit by Sovitel

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Event Date/Time: Jan 10, 2008
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As a contract professional, you strive to deliver value for shareholders, as a landlord or leasee you work within the terms of a tenancy agreement, as a project manager you have staff working for you, and you must meet the deliverables of external of internal stakeholders.

The first step toward cost savings and the positive management of agreements is to take control of the procurement process. Good Contract Management systems put the ?fstrategy?f back in strategic sourcing, ensuring that appropriate delegation and due diligence is in place around the formation of new contracts, and accountability and audit ability is created.

JuniAsia had developed 5 different workshops that will address latest challenges, issues and trends in the field to ensure you deliver bottom line contract management performance. You will not only be able to review the market?fs top contracting strategies but will also learn how to create a contract management department envied by your competitors. The end result of course, is a more visible and consistent processes, allowing you to make better sourcing decisions and stay ahead of competition.
The end result is better contracts that are easier to manage!


?ã Effective bargaining strategies in procurement negotiation
?ã How to identify, manage and mitigate risks when negotiating the tenders
?ã Differentiate the style & tone in both technical report and tender
proposal writing
?ã 4 effective methods for overcoming Letter of Credit discrepancies
?ã New information on various types of International Financing
?ã How to maximize your project effectiveness with a Laser-Focused
approach to workplace