10th Small Fuel Cells for Commercial & Military Applications

Venue: Omni Hotel at CNN Center

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Event Date/Time: Apr 30, 2008 End Date/Time: May 02, 2008
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10th Small Fuel Cells for Commercial & Military Applications

April 30 – May 2, 2008

Omni Hotel at CNN Center

Atlanta, GA


In its 10th year, Small Fuel Cells for Commercial & Military Applications is the primary source of information for end users, developers and manufacturers of portable power devices. With a special pre-conference 1-Day Symposium on building synergy between fuel cells and lithium ion batteries, an impressive lineup of speakers from around the world, and industry leaders exhibiting the latest technologies, this year's conference is not to be missed. Just a few of the presenting organizations include: Motorola, Samsung, Sony Corporation, U.S. Army, and The U.S. Department of Energy.

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Department of Energy Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell R&D Activities

Terry Payne, PhD, PE, Technology Development Manager, U.S. Department of Energy

Portable Warfighter Power Technology

H. Scott Coombe, PhD, PE, Chief, Power Technology Branch, U.S. Army

Reformed-Methanol PEMFC Systems: Advancing Toward Commercialization

Dave Edlund, PhD, Vice President, Protonex Technology Corporation

Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells: An Emerging Technology with Reduced Logistic Footprint for Military and Civil Applications

Michael Krausa, PhD, Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology

Micro Fuel Cell System for Mobile Consumer Electronic Devices

Shuji Goto, and Tadashi Senoo, Manager, Materials Laboratory, Sony Corporation

Mobile DMFC: Enhancement of Stack and System Stability

Inseob Song, PhD, Principal Manager-Fuel Cell Project, Samsung SDI Co, Ltd.

Creating a Global Fuel Cartridge Manufacturing and Distribution Infrastructure

Carl Kukkonen, PhD, CEO, Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Corporation, a VIASPACE Company

ONEBAT: Micro-Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Battery Replacement in Portable Electronics

Jennifer L.M. Rupp, PhD, ETH Zurich

Adaptive Materials and Portable SOFCs: Military Applications

Aaron Crumm, PhD, President and CEO, Adaptive Materials Inc.

Methodology for Robust Design of Small Fuel Cell Systems: Application to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Tom Fuller, PhD, Professor, Director of the Center for Innovative Fuel Cell and Battery Technologies, Georgia Institute of Technology

Fabrication of 3D Micro Fuel Cells for Cell Phones

Allison M. Fisher, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, Motorola

Development of Micro-Fuel Cells Using Carbon Monoliths

Hanna Rajantie, PhD, Research Scientist, Johnson Matthey

From Concept to Product - Development and Scale-Up Production Implementation for myFC’s FuelCellSticker™ Technology

Björn Westerholm, CEO, and Anders Lundblad, PhD, CTO, myFC AB

Technological Advancement vs. Platinum Cost Optimization Paradigm for DMFC

Detlef Stolten, Professor, Dr-Ing, Director, Jülich Forschungszentrum

Passively Operated Vapor-Fed Direct Methanol Fuel Cells for Portable Applications

Christopher Hebling, PhD, Head of Department Energy Technology, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems

The Crucial Step: From Prototypes to Commercial Product

Jens Müller, PhD, CTO, SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG

Advances in Hydrocarbon Membrane Development

Philip Cox, PhD, Vice President of Product Development, PolyFuel Inc.

Low Cost Membrane and Catalyst Development for Portable Fuel Cells

Arumugam Manthiram, PhD, Professor, The University of Texas at Austin

Advanced DMFC Electrocatalyst for Portable Applications

Hanwei Lei, PhD, DMFC Project Leader, Cabot Corporation

Military Fuel Cells for Tactical Power Generation and Battery Charging

Eric Simpkins, Vice President, IdaTech, LLC

Remote Surveillance System Powered by PEM Fuel Cell

Vesna Stanic, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, EnerFuel, Inc

Molecular Relaxations and Morphology of Perfluorosulfonate Ionomers for Fuel Cell Applications

Kirt A. Page, PhD, Polymers Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Development of Direct Hydrogen Micro Fuel Cell Technology

Sukhvinder P.S. Badwal, PhD, Chief Research Scientist, CSIRO Energy Technology; and Oreion Energy Australia Pty Ltd.

Rechargeable, Low-Pressure, High-Density Hydrogen Storage for Portable Fuel Cells

Michael Zelinsky, Director, Hydrogen Systems, Ovonic Hydrogen Systems LLC

A Microfluidic Fuel Cell with Flow-Through Porous Electrodes

Erik Kjeang, PhD, Institute for Integrated Energy Systems, University of Victoria