BIT¡¦S Protein and Peptide Conference (PepCon-2008)

Venue: ShenZhen

Location: ShenZhen, China

Event Date/Time: Apr 25, 2008 End Date/Time: Apr 27, 2008
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BIT¡¦S Protein and Peptide Conference (PepCon-2008)
Theme: Protein & Peptide Technology: From Concept to Market
Time: April 22-24, 2008
Venue: Grand View Hotel, Shenzhen, China
Tech-tour: April 25-27, 2008, Yunnan, China

160+ Speakers! 500+ Delegates! 30 + Exhibitors!

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BIT's 1st Annual Protein and Peptide Conference (PepCon-2008), a dedicated event on protein and peptide sciences, which will be held on April 22-24, 2008 in Shenzhen, China, with a theme of ¡§From Concept to Market¡¨. This conference is designed to initiate an educational and network platform in Asia Pacific Rim for international academic & industrial institutions and professionals in this area.

Being in the midst of the conference planning, we are proud that there has already been an impressive array of distinguished experts and influential industrial decision-makers who have decided to join us. Until now, there have been more than two hundred attendees, among them Dr. Harold A. Scheraga, one of the world's most eminent and widely-published chemists, Dr. Gregg B. Fields, President Elect of American Peptide Society (APS), Dr. Marc Wilkins from Australia who defined the concept of the Proteome and coined the term and Dr. David K. Robinson, Vice President, Bioprocess R&D, Merck Research Laboratories, Merck & Co., Inc. USA.

This conference will be geared toward a diverse base of participants from academia to bio-pharmaceutical, chemical, instrumentation and other industries. It is meant to provide a unique congress for interdisciplinary interaction and networking. 24 carefully- chosen sessions will foster the exchange of ideas, provide "real world" examples that can be applied in daily practice and present an overview of the technological developments and general trends. Your benefit include:

Ć Talk with worldwide experts and influential decision-markers from industry and government
Ć Benefit from the well-organized symposium and learn the latest scientific accomplishments from more than 30 sessions and 200 splendid lectures
Ć Face-to-face and equal exchange with your potential business partners and gain mutual benefit.
Ć Conduct academic exchange with Chinese scientists and cooperate with Chinese enterprises and research institutes, as well as approach to Chinese governmental sectors
Ć Get together and explore cooperative opportunities with worldwide giants in relevant areas
Ć Target your potential customers and expand
Ć Highlight your corporation profile and increase public awareness of your products, expertise as well as service.
Ć Find out most promising and profitable investment projects

Please Join Us and Share Your Achievement in Pepcon-2008!

For more details about the conference, please visit our website at:

Ms. Emily Liu,
Program Coordinator
Organizing Committee of PepCon-2008
26 Gaoneng St., F4
Dalian Hightech Zone
Dalian, LN 116025, China
Tel: 0086-411-84799479
Fax: 0086-411-84799629

Scientific Program at a Glance
Theme: From Concept to Market

Time: April 22-24, 2008
Place: Shenzhen, China

The scientific program for the conference is under development by selecting hot topics for oral presentations and technological summary for posters. Poster sessions will be held through the whole congress.

April 21, 2008 (Monday) 9:00-22:00
Registration at Hotel Lobby

April 22, 2008 (Tuesday)
Opening Ceremony and Keynote Forum

Track I: Human Proteome Technologies- Deciphering Genome with powerful tools of Proteomics
Session 1: Frontier of Emerging Human Proteome Technologies
Session 2: Breakthrough in Major Disease Proteomics and System Biology¡]Part ¢¹¡^
Session 3: Bioinformatics and Structural Proteomics¡]Part ¢¹¡^
Session 4: Breakthrough in Major Disease Proteomics and System Biology¡]Part ¢º¡^
Session 5: Protein/Peptide Structure Activity and Interaction¡]Part ¢¹¡^
Track II: Protein/Peptide Biomarker Discoveries-Essential Pathway to Seek Specific Solutions
Session 6: Biomarkers in Early Drug Development
Session 7: Biomarkers in Clinical Development
Session 8: Biomarkers for Molecular Diagnostics
Track III: Protein /Peptide Drug Discovery - Build up New Product Pipeline for Severe Diseases
Session 9 Part I: Peptide / Protein as Anti-Cancer Agents
Session 10: From CADD to Booming Peptide Drug Development
Session 11 Part II: Peptide / Protein as Anti-Cancer Agents
Session 12: Peptide / Protein as Anti-Infective Drugs
Session 13: Proteins/Peptides for CNS Diseases
Session 14: Proteins/Peptides For Cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular Disease
Session 15: Nanomaterials, Peptide / Protein Drug Delivery Technology
Track IV: Solutions to Antibodies/Vaccines- Off-shore Operation Opportunities
Session 16: Protein and Peptide Vaccine Research and Development
Session 17: Outsourcing Antibody Development and Production
Session 18: Protein/Peptide Structure Activity and Interaction¡]Part ¢º¡^
Track V: Bioprocesses for Industrial Proteins-Riding on the Third Wave
Session 19: Bioinformatics and Structural Proteomics¡]Part ¢º¡^
Session 20: New Expression Systems: Cell Line & Cell Culture Engineering
Session 21: Accelerating Production of Commercialized Proteins and Enzymes
Track VI: Renaissance of Peptide Market-Cost-Effective for Success
Session 22: Peptide design, Synthesis and Manufacturing
Session 23: off-Shore Customized Preparation/Production for Cost-Effective Therapeutics Development
Session 24: Technology Transfer for Protein/Peptide
For full program, please visit:

BIT¡¦s 4th Life Spring Forum
Theme¡GCelebrating 60 Years of Prof. Harold Scheraga's Science at BIT¡¦s 1st Annual Protein and Peptide Conference-2008
Time: April 23-24, 2008
Venue: Grand View Hotel, Shenzhen, China

Session 1: Exploring Protein Folding And Misfolding Pathways
Session 2: Protein Misfolding and Disease
Session 3: Molecular Chaperones and Cell Signalling
Session 4: Protein Folding Disease Mechanisms- New Methods and Emerging Ideas
Session 5: Therapeutic Strategies for Protein Folding Diseases
Session 6: Protein Folding and Drug Design
Session 7 ( Discussion) : Is protein folding predictable?

For more details, please visit: