Event Date/Time: Jan 18, 2008
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The fundamental principles of delivering a sound educational experience are the same in every delivery format; however, online education presents several new challenges, including:

Examining the role of technology, including motivation for using technologies in the classroom, using sound instructional principles when integrating technology, and individual faculty comfort level
Exploring the shift in the relationships and dynamics of the online classroom as they relate to changing student expectations and different modes of communication
Considering a new perspective on competencies for the online instructor that includes exploring new techniques and strategies
Developing solutions for effectively managing and minimizing the impact of the different workload associated with online learning
Join us for the Faculty Development in Blended and Online Learning institute to explore the best approaches for engaging and supporting faculty interested in online and blended teaching. Through facilitated discussions with program faculty and fellow participants, this institute will address a broad range of faculty development issues that emerge from the stated challenges. In this institute, you will examine the role of technology, consider emerging competencies for effective online instruction, analyze existing models and draft a model of faculty development, and create an action plan that you can take back to your institution