SymBioSE 2008 - 12th Symposium for Biology Students of Europe (SymBioSE 2008 - 12th)

Venue: University of Coimbra & University of Aveiro

Location: Coimbra and Aveiro, Portugal

Event Date/Time: Jul 30, 2008 End Date/Time: Aug 09, 2008
Registration Date: Mar 31, 2008
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We would like to invite you to join us!
July 30th - August 9th
Coimbra and Aveiro, Portugal

Dear biology student of Europe!

We are proud to present SymBioSE 2008, the "Symposium for Biology Students of Europe", which has been held annually for the past eleven years. This year's meeting will be held at the westernmost country of mainland Europe; in Coimbra and Aveiro, Portugal.

For those of you who do not know what SymBioSE is, here is a short introduction:
SymBioSE was established to enable European biology students to get in contact with each other and to learn about biology, study programmes and research opportunities in the different European countries. In order to accomplish this, annual meetings are held in a different country every year. These meetings include workshops, excursions, lectures and discussions and offer a vast variety of opportunities to meet and interact with people from all over Europe.

The main emphasis in this year's programme will be the Past and Future of Biology. A number of presentations, workshops and round tables will provide you a better understanding of the evolution of biology in Europe and in Portugal, as well as to disseminate and discuss the recent achievements made in biology and their implementations and implications to the society of today. No matter what biological discipline you like best or major in, we know you will find the SymBioSE programme interesting.

The first five days of the symposium (30th -3th of August) will be held in Coimbra, which possess one of Europe’s oldest universities, a city overflowing with tradition and history; Then, in the sixth day, there will be a full day excursion to the Berlenga Island, a nature reserve, where we will be able to get in contact with island ecology. After the excursion, we will travel north towards Aveiro, where the rest of the symposium will take place. Aveiro is a more recent city which holds a very modern university that rapidly became one of the most dynamic and innovative universities of Portugal. The historical differences between the two universities will hopefully both enhance reflection about the past and future and, at the same time, shed light on how the two different university traditions contribute to science.

Besides the scientific programs during the days, the symposium includes social activities during the evenings. The schedule will be continuously updated until the symposium. The best way to keep updated is from our web page:

Following the guidelines of the SymBioSE spirit, special importance will be given to all biology students who wish to share their knowledge or ideas with others in the form of a presentation or a workshop.

The year of study at previous SymBioSE meetings have stretched from first year students to PhD students. From our evaluations we know that the participants have enjoyed the meeting and found the scientific programme interesting no matter level of their study. Some can’t think of a summer without SymBioSE, and keep coming every year. The majority of participants are normally master students or around their 4th year of university study. This means that SymBioSE meetings are open for everyone, as long as you have a passion for biology!

SymBioSE will last for 11 days and we will be able to accommodate 150 participants. The participation fee (150€) will include food, accommodation and participation in the programme. The economic situation between the different European countries means that the fee will be effectively more expensive for some of you. To overcome this problem, participants can apply to get a scholarship. This will be announced on the web page.

For more information and details about the registration process, please visit the SymBioSE-website (

For any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us by e-mail or visit our website.

We hope to see you in Portugal!

Best wishes,
The Portuguese SymBioSE-committee


Additional Information

Q: What is SymBioSE? A: SymBioSE is the Symposium for Biology Students of Europe. It is organized by students for students, each year in another country. More info can be found on Q: Where will SymBioSE be this year? A: In Portugal, more precisely in the cities of Coimbra and Aveiro. Q: But the symposium will be held in two cities at the same time? A: No. The first 5 days we'll be in Coimbra. Then, in the sixth day we'll be having a full day excursion to the Berlenga Island. After the excursion we will travel north towards Aveiro, where the rest of the symposium will take place. Q: When will it be? A: From July 30th until August 9th Q: How can I apply for SymBioSE? A: Registration form can be found at our website at Q: When can I apply? A: Applications will be officialy open on the January 10th. It will be open until March, 31st. Q: My confirmation mail never came! What to do? A: Send us an e-mail or write in forum Q: Do I have to pay some participation fee? A: Yes. Participation fee will be 150 Euros. Q: What is included in the fee? A: The fee will include food, accommodation and participation in the programme, excursions included. Q: When do I have to pay? A: After participants are chosen, they will be mailed all instructions for paying not later than April 31st. Q: How do I pay? A: After participants are chosen, they will be mailed all instructions for paying not later than April 31st. Q: Will there be excursions? A: Yes. We plan 3 excursions to Nature Reserves: Arzila Marsh, Berlenga Island and S.Jacinto Dunes. Also there will be visits to botanical garden and zoological museum. Q: What about lectures, what will they be like? A: Lectures will cover various fields of biology, from molecular biology to ecology.