Best Practices for Serialized Distribution in Support of ePedigree Compliance Free Webinar (ePedigree Compliance)

Venue: Webseminar

Location: Worldwide, United States

Event Date/Time: Jan 31, 2008 End Date/Time: Jan 31, 2008
Registration Date: Jan 30, 2008
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# SPEAKERS FOR THIS EVENT: Ann Grackin, Mangaging Director, Supply Chain Risk (RISC) Consulting, Marsh Advisors Learn More
# John DiPalo, Senior Vice President, Product Development, Acsis Learn More
# Mike Lipton, Director of Strategy for RIFD/Supply Chain Management, SAP Labs Learn More
# Guest Speaker, Director of Distribution and Warehousing Services, Leading pharmaceutical manufacturer

The pharmaceutical supply chain is undergoing dramatic changes as companies accelerate initiatives to comply with new pedigree regulations in support of improving patient safety, product integrity, supply chain security and at the same time protect product revenue streams, company image and brand.

As every participant in the pharmaceutical supply chain looks to serialize their warehousing and distribution operations, they find themselves facing several key challenges including:

* Incorporating serialized product into existing processes
* Supporting the additional data and complexities of serialization
* Establishing and maintaining serialization relationships through the distribution process
* Generating and maintaining ePedigree’s for compliance

Acsis is working with leading pharmaceutical firms and industry partners to develop innovative approaches to helping solve this critical issue and at the same time demonstrate how these technology investments can provide significant return on investment. Working with the largest and most important companies in the pharmaceutical industry, Acsis is not only solving the technology challenges of serialization but also demonstrating a sustainable ROI.

Acsis addresses the challenges of enabling an efficient, safe and secure pharmaceutical supply chain by providing both unparalleled expertise and leading-edge software technology for streamlining the serialization process in distribution that enhances patient safety and business value.

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The Problem:

* Increased theft, counterfeiting & diversion
* Ability to comply with retail mandates
* Ability to comply with federal and state pedigree regulations
* Adding serialized products to warehousing and distribution processes
* Integrating with ePedigree and ERP systems
* Accelerating time-to-compliance


* Drug Manufacturers
* Distributors/Wholesalers
* Retail/Pharmacies


* Automate serialization of distribution processes for drug product susceptible to theft and counterfeiting
* Generation of a pedigree document and RxASN for every drug shipment
* Manage parent/child relationships throughout distribution processes including repack and exceptions
* Integrate distribution with ePedigree and ERP systems
* Integrate mobile and fixed devices
* Facilitate tracking & authentication of drug product ensuring trusted partners in possession of drug product at each step in the chain of custody


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