eCommerceTrendsLIVE May 29-30th 2008 (eCommerceTrendsLIVE)

Venue: Sheraton Columbia Hotel

Location: Columbia, Maryland, United States

Event Date/Time: May 29, 2008 End Date/Time: May 30, 2008
Registration Date: Apr 30, 2008
Early Registration Date: Mar 31, 2008
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About The 2008 International
eCommerceTrendsLIVE Conference:

If you could choose only one conference in ’08, eCommerceTrendsLive should be your choice. Our conference was born to unlock the secrets and share innovative ideas concerning the global ecommerce marketing. Key players from nearly every sector will be in attendance, sharing ideas, presenting case studies, and perhaps most important, showcasing live applications. Some so unique and powerful, you simply MUST hear about them before your competition!
As you read this, what is your current knowledge of global ecommerce? Are you knowledgeable about what works in Africa, but would destroy your bottom line if deployed in China? Can you tap into the emotions and triggers of someone using the internet for the first time? Knowledge is priceless in this arena and you’ll not want to miss a moment.

eCommerceTrendsLive 2008 Summit presents you with one of, if not THE KEY ingredient for success online which is your contacts. Can you pickup the phone and immediately get exactly the right CEO or CFO on the phone? The one whose "stamp of approval" could make (or break) your fiscal quarter? You'll meet them at this summit; share ideas, discuss challenges, learn to blend e-Business with more traditional retail stores. If there were a Masters Degree in ecommerce, eCommerceTrendsLive 2008 Summit, would be required reading.

Attend eCommerceTrendsLive 2008 Summit with an open mind and hunger for knowledge, walk out knowing how to implement the best plan of action for any multinational company. This won’t happen by glossing over details; instead we’ll reveal in-depth case studies, explain the best practices, and delve into the frameworks and dynamics for success.

eCommerceTrendsLive 2008 Summit is akin to finding the holy grail of technology and solutions providers. When news is publically released concering a ground breaking ecommerce solution, you’ll have already met the programmers, marketers and executives of the company. eCommerceTrendsLive 2008 Summit is where they will (possibly for the first time) unveil the technology on this unparalleled look into the future of online marketing and commerce.


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