Event Date/Time: Feb 07, 2008
Registration Date: Mar 14, 2008
Early Registration Date: Dec 09, 2007
Paper Submission Date: Mar 19, 2008
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The wind of change brought tremendous political aspiration of blackman to fruition manifesting in the liberation from colonial rule to independence. But briefly after the euphoria of the independen, the African nations had descended into a period an unhealthy rivalry between her leaders. The soldiers who came to liberate their nations from corrupt politicians refused to leave even after failing to liberate their countries. Today from all parts of Africa their is violence, anarchy, insurrection, rebellion, corruption, election fraud to the extent some analyst call it 'HOPLESS AFRICA'. This conference invites African scholars , political leaders and other stakeholders to discuss the way forward on the leadership, Governance, accountability and political stability to minimize death and wastage in African nations


Additional Information

Each participant should send an abstract of not more than 300 word for the presentation ofb their papers to cendia007@yahoo.com or omolaleye@yahoo.com. Papers will be reviewed for further accademic quality and journal publication. Presenters are required to send at least 50 copies of their papers. Each presenter is advised not to axceed 15 pages of quarto size sheets. Registratin - non-nigerians $100 or 70Euro. Nigerians #4000. Hotel accomodation available to taste