Nanotechnology in Coatings: Get the most out of it!

Venue: online

Location: online, United States

Event Date/Time: Feb 27, 2008 End Date/Time: Feb 27, 2008
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Nanoparticles are of great scientific interest in the coatings industry as they are effectively a bridge between bulk materials and atomic or molecular structures. A bulk material should have constant physical properties regardless of its size, but at the nano-scale this is often not the case. Size-dependent properties are observed such as quantum confinement in semiconductor particles, surface plasmon resonance in some metal particles and superparamagnetism in magnetic materials.

In this e-Training Course, Mark Drukenbrod,dispersion specialist and graduate physicist will give attendees a basic working knowledge of nanotechnology for coatings, which coalesces the fields of chemistry, physics, biology and material science. Most available types of nanoparticle will be discussed, along with information on formulating with and getting the most out of their powerful benefit set.
Understand how nanomaterials can enhance the functionality of coatings, which materials to use for each function, and how to process each
Learn about the mass and specular physics, chemistry (functionality, reactivity, viscosity, dispersability) electrical and quantum effects of each type material
Learn when to use other less expensive means to a similar end if the formulation profile does not absolutely require the use of nanoparticle science
Understand more about application niches: general industry, architectural, automotive and aerospace industries