Faraday Discussion 140: Electrocatalysis: Theory and Experiment at the Interface (FD140)

Venue: University of Southampton

Location: Southampton, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Feb 13, 2008
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Faraday Discussion 140 will bring electrochemists, surface scientists and theoreticians together and foster the development of both in situ spectroscopic methods in electrochemistry and theoretical methods which model the electrocatalytic interface.

Topics that will be discussed during the meeting:
• Advances in theoretical methodology; to describe the state of the art and to address what is still missing.
• Development of spectroscopic techniques; moving from studies of model surfaces to more realistic surfaces and in situ investigations.
• Electrocatalyst discovery; what can be learned from high throughput screening methods and theoretical calculations?
• Beyond fuel cells; the future of electrocatalysis

Invited speakers include Marc Koper (Leiden, The Netherlands), David Schriffrin (Liverpool), Matthew Neurock (Virginia, USA) and Ib Chorkendorff (Denmark).