Event Date/Time: Jun 03, 2008 End Date/Time: Jun 05, 2008
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Real Estate Opportunities (REO): Europe 2008 - the premiere European real estate investment conference

Real estate investment opportunities in Europe

Investment in real estate has become a global affair. Cross-border capital flows in the property markets can now be counted in billions of dollars. To achieve the best possible return on real estate investment it is vital that investors keep abreast of the economic, political and property scene across a wide canvas.

For a capital-intensive asset class such as commercial real estate, the impact of tighter debt has been swift and significant. The bigger picture would show that commercial real estate is now a global asset class - just like stocks, bonds, and private equity. While the US and the UK have hit an air pocket, real estate markets in continental and Eastern Europe are still climbing. The diversity of commercial real estate markets in these countries means that the ripple effects of credit tightening are felt quite differently in cities around the world.

Real Estate Opportunities (REO): Europe 2008 is a business platform for real estate developers, investors and property asset managers to engage in new ventures be it real estate development projects, property investment funds or financing real estate acquisition strategies.

It will look specifically at:

* The global and European economic trends and their effect on the European real estate investment sector

* Refocusing real estate investment and property development strategies in the view of the credit crunch

* Transition from market to skills driven risk and portfolio management in real estate

* Cross border real estate developments

* Shifting attitudes towards corporate real estate relations management

* Direct vs. indirect real estate investment strategies across Europe

* Assessing the risk associated with investing in property assets and real estate development projects in multiple countries >>
* Cross-border real estate investment issues

* Looking beyond Europe: how does European real estate investment opportunnities compare to Asia and US?

* Securing competitive financing on real estate transactions

* To what extent the CEE real estate markets are immune to the effects of the global credit crisis?

* Implementing Socially Responsible Investment in property

Real Estate Opportunities (REO): Europe 2008 - WORKSHOP

For those who are looking to diversify from traditional real estate asset classes we have prepared a pre-conference themed investment workshop focused on – timberland and forestry investments.