Event Date/Time: Feb 18, 2008
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The IEA’s Chief Executive made it clear at the World Energy Congress in Rome that if current forecasts for oil production are maintained it will seriously hamper the future global economy. As a consequence of recent market trends you are no doubt concerned of the growing consensus that the underlying cause of retracted global economic growth is due to an intractable acceleration in fuel sourcing. If this is the case, and fossil fuel has begun an inevitable price increase, what is the consequence for the industry? If increasing supply costs do indeed start impacting the very fundamentals of how an ever-expanding, oil-driven global economy needs to operate then what are the implications for European power generators, their suppliers and customers?

The wider effects of global financial market turmoil and accelerating prices for commodities is inevitably having an impact on your bottom line. As financial crisis spreads to all sectors, securing project financing has also become increasingly difficult and compounded by the challenges of the 3rd package compliance and developing effective hedging strategies against the eventual cost of carbon.

The 12th Annual Power Generation Summit invites you to hear what the industry leaders have to say about the current marker conditions and how to survive them. Hear first hand how the CEOs and Divisional Heads of Europe’s largest Power Utility companies are transforming their organisations by implementing short and long term strategies to maintain profitability by engaging in a comprehensive process of portfolio diversification and renewal. Hear about which technologies hold the key to operational efficiency while hedging the associated risks. Collectively engage these issues with your peers while networking with the partners that can translate the challenges you face into opportunities to expand your business, manage your risk exposure, and maximise operational efficiency.