Venue: Kuala Lumpur

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Event Date/Time: Mar 07, 2008
Abstract Submission Date: May 05, 2008
Paper Submission Date: Jul 05, 2008
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There are various legal systems which are practiced around the world such as Common Law, European Civil Law, Islamic Law and others. All these legal systems present their own uniqueness in terms of how they were derived from the sources of law, hierarchy of authoritativeness, legal rules and practices, regulatory regimes and the administration of justice, human rights, dispute resolution methods and reasoning issued by their eminent scholars.

Although nowadays trend in preserving international peace and building international trade relation is done via international treaties which bind the contracting parties, there is no doubt that interaction happens among the legal systems either directly or indirectly. The effort of promoting understanding among the legal systems is essential to avoid prejudice and misconceptions. Such effort will also promote respect among the legal systems.

• To promote greater understanding of legal systems from the various schools of thought, religion, and ideology;
• As a mechanism to identify and appreciate the similarities and differences of various legal systems;
• To be a platform for intellectual discussions and dialogues for scholars within and outside the region on the area of comparative laws
• To discuss on the ethical issues, legal principles and practices of the existing legal systems;

• Bridging the gaps and avoiding misconceptions and prejudice among the legal systems

Principles of Jurisprudence, Legal Families – (The Civil Law System, The Common Law System, Socialist Law, Islamic Law, Far East Law, African Legal System), Legal Education on Comparative laws, Comparative Substantive Laws (Criminal Law, Commercial Laws, Administrative Laws, Land Laws), Comparative Theories of Justice and Administration of Justice, Human Rights, Law and Society, Morality and Ethics, Dispute Resolution, Legal History, The Theories and Practice of Diverge Legal Systems in Transnational and International Law.


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