The Effective Leader Manager - 2 Day People management skills training (ELM)

Venue: Hatherley Manor Hotel

Location: Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: May 13, 2008 End Date/Time: May 14, 2008
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The Effective Leader Manager

Course objectives

The course has six objectives:

1. To develop a strong sense of purpose.
2. To encourage accurate communication.
3. To plan ahead and managing time effectively.
4. To resolve interpersonal conflict professionally.
5. To inspire yourself towards the positive.
6. To inspire others towards the positive.
AM Day one Clarity of purpose


How do we get the most from ourselves and others?

The six primary virtues
1. Clear purpose.
Clear communication.
Rational planner.
Rational conflict manager.
Inspire self.
Inspire others.
Provide clarity of purpose

Provide a clear 'Vision'.
Provide a definite set of written standards that you would expect to apply to every member of the team.
Involve people in a goal setting programme using SMART targets.
Communicate with clarity

Make affirmative statements.
Define your most important concepts.
Structure your message.

PM Handling conflict situations

Giving constructive feedback

Protect their self-concept. (Don't attack their character).
When in conflict, use objective language, not emotional language.
Tell them exactly what is wrong.
Tell them exactly what would be right. (Give them a way out of the conflict)
Ask for a commitment.
Decide whether you are hearing a 'reason' or an 'excuse'.
Learn when to negotiate and when not.
Ten top tips: How to give corrective feedback

Summary and action plan

Day Two

AM Day two Forward planning / Time management

Distinguish between Productive vs. Busy
Ask two key questions:
What is the value of the task?
What is the deadline pressure?

Identify and manage the three time wasters:

The people you work with that distract you.
Bad habits.
Poor systems.
Delegate as lower value tasks (for the right reasons only).
Learn to prioritise by means of a decision matrix.

PM Positive mental attitude

What is a positive mental attitude?
What it can do for you.
How to get one.
The relationship between thoughts, feelings, actions and better results.
How to positively affect the attitude of others

Problem solving questions.
Avoid 'killer questions'.
Success formula or Failure formula; you choose!

Learn and apply: The success formula

Decide a definite Purpose.
Formulate your best-written plan.
Take decisive action.
Gather the feedback, both 'on' and 'off' target.
Change in the light of 'off target' feedback.

Learn to avoid the opposite: The failure formula

No purpose - Drifting.
No written plan - Wing-it.
No action - Procrastination.
Unable to take valid criticism - Fight the feedback.
Refusal to change - Stubbornness.
The role of 'criticism and disappointment' in success
Forms of feedback.
On target feedback.
Off target feedback: 'Criticism makes you stronger'.

Summary and action plan


Additional Information

Final introspective question: As a Leader Manager, how do you want to be thought of? Location: - Hatherley Manor, Gloucester, GL2 9QA
Investment £225 per delegate-day Inclusive of: - Full days training, teas/coffees & cakes, lunch, full course notes and written action plan to take away