User-Centric Web 2.0

Venue: Sydney

Location: Sydney, Australia

Event Date/Time: Jun 11, 2008 End Date/Time: Jun 13, 2008
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Exciting things are happening as the web rapidly evolves and social networking tools, mediums and websites develop. The web has transformed itself from a fixed platform that simply hosts web pages, to a vibrant interactive environment that delivers up to date content via RSS feeds, podcasts, wikis, blogs, mashups, videocasts, webinars, and social networks. These collaborative tools are allowing organisations to contribute and share information in ways that were previously unknown and unavailable to organisations.

However, many organisations are still opposing the 2.0 hype due to internal resistance from management and IT. They are falling behind and failing to capitalise on the positive business model changes in client engagement, internal communication, marketing, and core enterprise applications. It is therefore essential to overcome this resistance and promote an understanding of the real and practical benefits of Web 2.0 so that it is embraced within business to reflect positively on organisational culture, ROI and business value.

The purpose of this conference is to put Web 2.0 into context and understand its potential within the Australian corporate business environment. The implications of Web 2.0 integration will be discussed and user-centric rather than technology-centric approaches to deploying Web 2.0 will be outlined.

By hearing case studies that detail emerging business and technological developments that utilise Web 2.0 as a platform, and business models that have worked and are still working within organisations, you will learn how to:

*Sell collaboration to management

*Embrace social networking sites such as Facebook

*Build an online community: CoPs and virtual teams

*Calculate business value from blogs and wikis

*Effectively use social bookmarking through sites such as

*Integrate real-time technologies into the business

*Calculate business ROI on Web 2.0