Knowledge Management for Indigenous Communities

Venue: Melbourne

Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Event Date/Time: Jun 19, 2008
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Traditional knowledge systems and practices such as storytelling and narrative continue to be used within indigenous cultures in Australia. Indigenous people and communities recognise that the management and transfer of historic knowledge is crucial to the prolonged existence and maintenance of cultural information and wisdom. Storytelling is the oldest form of face to face interpretation, and research shows the value of narrative as an important way to transfer oral knowledge.

However, with the emergence of written media and new technologies, storytelling and narrative now take on new forms to ensure the protection of indigenous knowledge. International and Australian policies, legislation, and the capacity of knowledge conservation are changing along with Australia’s traditional indigenous culture, and it is therefore necessary to understand the potential of these new technologies and laws to capture, transfer and protect the knowledge assets of traditionally oriented indigenous peoples.

This two-day masterclass will provide an interactive environment in which to explore critical areas associated with the effective use of knowledge management techniques within the Australian indigenous culture. Effectively engaging indigenous communities, finding functional methods to capture and preserve oral and traditional knowledge, and exploring narrative techniques and storytelling are key focuses of this event. You will explore the following critical issues:

*Engaging indigenous communities

*Exploring legal issues: IP, IP sharing and the storage of oral culture

*Protecting indigenous knowledge assets

*Capturing, preserving and archiving indigenous culture

*Implementing effective knowledge transfer initiatives

*Collecting and understanding indigenous stories

*Using stories to evaluate initiatives, and design interventions