Fluid Structure Interaction 2009

Venue: Royal Mare Village

Location: Crete, Greece

Event Date/Time: May 25, 2009 End Date/Time: May 27, 2009
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Fluid Structure Interaction 2009 is the fifth conference in this successful series, which provides a forum for the presentation of new ideas and the latest work in the specialised field of fluid structure interaction. The principal aim of this conference is to promote international exchange of information and knowledge of fluid structure interaction problems, giving experts from different application fields the opportunity to interact with one another and to provide valuable cross breeding of ideas and techniques.

The conference will encompass a wide range of topics within this area ranging from different types of fluids, such as, wind, current, biofluids and ocean waves to different types of structures, such as, tall buildings, ocean structures, cables, towers, bridges, risers and other types of structures. New research for the advancement of interaction problems will be the main focus of the conference. Papers with new applications to real world problems will be particularly welcome. The basic mathematical formulations of fluid structure interaction and their numerical modelling will also be discussed, as well as their physical modelling.

Special sessions at the Conference will deal with problems where the position of the borders or interphase boundaries have to be determined as part of the solution. The transient cases lead to the so-called moving boundary problems, and the steady state case to the free boundary problems. The sessions will also discuss the special numerical methods applied to these studies such as finite differences, finite elements, finite volumes, boundary elements and other mesh reduction techniques.

Papers are sought in the following areas: advanced analytical techniques, computer and experimental modelling, new application and verification of interaction techniques in design, and unique and successful field applications of the design tools.

The conference first started in Halkidiki, Greece in 2001, followed by one in Cadiz, Spain in 2003, another in La Coruña, Spain, in 2005, and the last meeting was held in the New Forest, UK, in 2007.

The conference will be of interest to mechanical and structural engineers, offshore engineers, earthquake engineers, naval engineers and any other experts involved in topics related to fluid structure interaction and those specialising in moving boundary problems.

Conference Topics:
- Hydrodynamic forces
- Offshore structures
- Slip dynamics
- Offshore engineering
- Acoustics and noise
- Computational methods
- Response of structures including fluid dynamics
- Flow induced vibrations
- Experimental studies and validation
- Vortex shedding
- Alternative energy problems
- Seismic related problems
- Fluid storage
- Fluid pipeline interactions
- Structure response to severe shock and blast
- Caviation effects
- Mechanics of cables, risers and moorings
- Moving boundary problems
- Advances in CFD