Agile and Iterative Development: a Manager’s Guide

Venue: Visconti Palace Hotel

Location: Rome, Italy

Event Date/Time: Jun 09, 2008
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This practical, information-packed one-day seminar summarizes the key research, ideas, and practices of iterative development, aimed at executive and project leadership. This is a high-impact guide for Managers and students to Agile and Iterative development methods: what they are, how they work, how to implement them – and why you should. Using statistically significant research and case studies, noted methods expert Craig Larman presents a convincing case for iterative development. Mr. Larman offers a concise, information-packed summary of the key ideas that drive all Agile and Iterative processes, with the details of several noteworthy iterative methods: Scrum, XP, Lean Development, and UP.

Coverage includes:

• Compelling evidence that Iterative methods reduce project risk
• Frequently asked questions
• Agile and Iterative values and practices
• Dozens of useful Iterative and Agile practice tips
• New Management skills for Agile/Iterative Project Leaders
• Key practices of Scrum, XP, Lean Software Development, and an agile UP

Each student receives a copy of Larman’s book “Agile and Iterative Development: a Manager’s Guide”.

He serves as chief scientist for Valtech, an international consulting company that applies Agile methods and object technologies, and is the author of “Agile and Iterative Development: a Manager’s Guide”, the best-selling and definitive guide to the motivation, evidence, and key practices of Iterative and Agile methods; and “Applying UML and Patterns: An Introduction to OOA/D and Iterative Development”, the best-selling text on OOA/D and the UML, used globally in universities and Business. Mr. Larman is known throughout the international software community as an expert and coach in Object technologies, OOA/D, patterns, the UML, Agile modeling, an Agile approach to the Unified Process (UP), combining the UP with XP and Scrum practices, and Iterative Agile development methods. He travels worldwide to fulfill his passion to serve people through coaching, speaking, and education, helping software organizations succeed with high-impact Best Practices such as Iterative and Agile methods, design Patterns, automated continuous integration, and test-first development.


Via Federico Cesi, 37

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