Open Source Solutions for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

Venue: Residenza di Ripetta

Location: Rome, Italy

Event Date/Time: Jun 10, 2008
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Open Source software tools are ready for prime time Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. They compete with established, commercial vendors in delivering basic Data Management, reporting, and OLAP functions as well as Data Integration/ETL and advanced analytical capabilities. Together with the user of Open-Source platforms and development tools – notably Linux, Apache, the Eclipse tools platform, and Python – it is now possible to create a complete Open Source Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solution. The Business Case for Open Source is clear: Open Source offers flexibility, reliability, and performance without traditionally high software licensing costs. Yet many potential beneficiaries are concerned about the capabilities, maturity, security, support, and licensing conditions of Open-Source solutions. And all potential users need to understand Best Practices for introducing and integrating Open Source into existing IT environments. The course will address these user concerns, present non-partisan project profiles, and discuss Best Practices to help you create an Open Source BI-DW approach for your organization. It will discuss Open Source Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence tools, vendors, and computing platforms and present Case Studies.

The course will cover:

• The Business Case for Open Source Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing: benefits, risks, costs, and Return on Investment
• How to find the best Open Source Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and analytical tools and integrate them into a mixed open-closed computing environment
• Profiles of the leading Open Source Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, analytics, and ETL projects, products, and vendors
• Exploiting Open Source tools and platforms -- Linux, Eclipse, Apaches, database management systems, and more -- for Business Intelligence and data warehousing
• Best Practices for evaluating and implementing Open Source Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

He is a consultant and expert in Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Decision Systems. He is also an Intelligent Enterprise magazine contributing editor and columnist. Mr. Grimes founded Washington DC based Alta Plana Corporation in 1997, and consults, writes and speaks on Data Management and analysis systems, industry trends and emerging analytical technologies.


Via di Ripetta, 231

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